Posted by: SB Websites | September 2, 2011

02/09/11 DMS News Update

All 6 Optare Versa’s 102/3/4/5/6 NK10 GZV/W/X/Y/Z and 107 NK11 ENB are out of service being evaluated for problems due to unreliability with 107 at the Cummins factory in Darlington to be tested for engine problems.  Their replacements for their duties are the 4 unpainted Enviro 400’s 411/2/3/4 NK09 XBB/C/D/E and 2 loaned Transbus Enviro 300’s which are 962 SN54 HXG and 963 SJ56 GCF. The X33 now uses reinstated Optare Delta 113 P130 RWR, Caeteno Nimbus 267 KM51 BFP, Wright Solar 204 NK53 UWE (now in X33 Livery) and Optare Solo MX58 AAY. The latter’s job has been replaced with another Optare Solo which is 125 SF54 DFK on minibus services 42, 47 and 62. A Vintage service is soon to start linking Durham with Beamish Museum. The service has a PVR of 1, Routemaster HAS 452 is being prepared for use as was Optare Delta 113 until it was needed for daily use again. Also, on delivery from Australia is 1983 MAN SL200 / PMSCA 1D18 444 for reserve for the new vintage service. The Routemaster will be used first with the MAN SL200 second and the Delta last. The SL200 is currently on a ship, of which will take 30 days, it still has 25 days left as it stops off at many places of which the service will start sometime around then. There will also be links to Chester-le-Street also. Below is the 2 Enviro 300’s, the new Solo, NK53 UWE in X33 Livery and the Delta in The Durham District Services vintage livery.



  1. on 962 can the dest be set to: front-not in service,side-as it is, rear-000

  2. To Jim,

    Which vehicle are you on about Jim? I have never owned a vehicle numbered 962?


  3. The top enviro300

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