Posted by: SB Websites | June 4, 2015

GNE Lambton Worm

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The Lambton Worm is a brand used for service 34/34A running from Waldridge Park to Ouston and Urpeth Grange via Chester-le-Street. The Lambton Worm brand itself has been around for nearly 7 years now starting off as Service 71 from Chester-le-Street to Sunderland on S plate Super Pointer Darts until they got withdrawn themselves. The 71 was then cut completely and forms part of the modern-day 36; the Lambton Worm brand then made a return for services 34/34A which previously used no brand. DAF SB220 / Plaxton Prestiges were then branded up for the route until withdrawal. Then when the new Wright Streetlites arrived at Deptford for Drifter service 60, 4 of the Optare Versa’s transferred to Chester-le-Street depot for use on the 34/34A. They therefore received the same branding as used previously on the green paintwork already worn giving them a pleasing appearance. 8303 NK09 FVD is shown below on a 34 to Waldridge Park.

8303 Lambton Worm



  1. Hi, as much as I like your nets, could you please start taking requests instead of what you want?

  2. Daniel, have you looked at the backlog of Nets In The News? He’ll have to get through at least 10 of those until he can accept requests so he doesn’t have to deal with 32 nets to make, all with a reasonable time frame and more being added all the time! šŸ™‚

    Armstrong Powerhouse lover

  3. To CDJ,

    Yes, the reason jimpaperbus is exactly why this has happened. The idea was to open up requests but with the amount of NITN it will take forever to complete. You may find multiple uploads may occur some weeks to simply decrease the backlog. At the end of the day you have a site yourself you can also make them so why ask me to request one?


  4. The truth is I don’t really have the time at the moment, and all the stuff you’re doing is what you selected.

  5. To CDJ,

    I have very little time too, the blog was set out to be NE based anyway. Once I have done some more I will allow requests. Just have to be patient.


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