Posted by: SB Websites | September 1, 2011

ANE Step Entrance Darts

As the interurban livery (as it was known) became the standard livery for Arriva, the first vehicle to be painted into it from the original livery was Step Entrance Dart 1688 J468 OKP, currently the oldest single deck in the fleet. Its rare after that for single deck step entrance vehicles to be painted in the livery. Only East Lancs Europeans were painted into the livery. The other Dart that was painted was Dennis Dart / Alexander Dash Mk1 1658 K709 PCN. Both are below.



  1. Hi
    has anyone got any blank nets of a Alexander bodied N112 double decker if anyone has this would very helpfull

  2. sorry
    i mean a Alexander bodied scania N112 double decker

  3. To George,

    Unfourtaneltly I havent got one, I should be able to make you one later this week.


  4. Thanks

  5. Hi
    When will you email me this net it has been 3 weeks have you made it yet

  6. To George,

    Sorry about the wait, there has been alot going on at the moment, it will be done but unfourtanetly I cant give you a time frame.


  7. can you make (when the request list list shortens) stagecoach basingstoke N605KGF out of the dash above

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