Posted by: SB Websites | May 21, 2015

ANE Eco 21/X21

Arriva Logo

As well as the MAX and Sapphire brand being introduced and spread across many services; there has also been an increase of the ‘Eco’ Livery. This was introduced in 2013 when the first MAN 18:270 EcoCity / Caeteno City Gold’s entered service in Darlington for town services 2, 11 and 12, followed by a further order of Volvo B5LH / Wright Gemini 2’s for the 308. The Eco brand itself is designed to advertise vehicles operating with green technology, such as a CNG or a hybrid vehicle. Therefore in 2014 a batch of a further 16 Wright Streetlite MAX 11.7m Micro-Hybrids; 5 for the 23, 3 for the 35 and 7 for the 306. Also following this order, the 3 MAN 18:270 EcoCity / Caeteno City Gold demonstrators were purchased by Arriva and gained the Eco livery and delivered to Darlington depot, where other EcoCity’s already operated. The 3 ex-Demonstrator EcoCity’s are allocated to the 21/X21 which runs from Darlington to Sunderland. The 21 operates from Darlington to Peterlee via Newton Aycliffe, Sedgefield and Peterlee, then running as a non-stop express to Sunderland as the X21 with a ‘Whoosh’ – the word used on the branding on the sides in the standard Eco way The 3 demonstrators are 4812 WX61 FXO (the white demonstrator), 4813 WX61 HSL (the dark blue demonstrator) and 4814 WX13 GHN which was also white. 4812 and 4813 are of the European standard having a flat floor to the rear with 4814 being of the British standard with steps and a raised rear section as seen on most standard UK buses. 4814 is shown below working a 21 to Peterlee.

4814 Eco 21 X21



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