Posted by: SB Websites | May 18, 2015

ANE Eco 35

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As well as the MAX and Sapphire brand being introduced and spread across many services; there has also been an increase of the ‘Eco’ Livery. This was introduced in 2013 when the first MAN 18:270 EcoCity / Caeteno City Gold’s entered service in Darlington for town services 2, 11 and 12, followed by a further order of Volvo B5LH / Wright Gemini 2’s for the 308. The Eco brand itself is designed to advertise vehicles operating with green technology, such as a CNG or a hybrid vehicle. Therefore in 2014 a batch of a further 16 Wright Streetlite MAX 11.7m Micro-Hybrids; 5 for the 23, 3 for the 35 and 7 for the 306. Although these wear the Eco with them being fitted with ‘Micro-Hybrid’ technology; this recovers energy lost from braking to power the vehicle electrics and compressed air systems, saving up to 10% in fuel costs. Although the name itself is slightly misleading as the vehicles themselves are a standard diesel Streetlite drivetrain, as opposed to a small diesel engine and electric motor in normal hybrids. These are no different to the examples currently in Sapphire livery so it is unusual that they have painted into the Eco livery. The second batch of 3 are for the 35 which operates from Ashington depot running up to every 15 minutes from Morpeth to Newbiggin via Pegswood, Ashington and North Seaton. Service 35A then does a short from Morpeth and then terminating beyond Ashington at Woodhorn. The vehicles are officially allocated to the 35 as there are 3 long diagrams with just 2 short ones and these do not interwork, this is unusual as it is an allocated mix of vehicles. These are painted into the standard Eco livery but wearing route branding on the sides and rear for the route. 1581 NK64 EEH is shown below:

1581 Eco 35



  1. Great one Keiron, I assume you chose 1581 completely at random? 😛

    The 35 also interworks with the College service 100, to maintain the link between Kirkley Hall and Ashington campuses which was previously operated by one DAF SB3000/Plaxton Prima. We will never know why they ordered 3 – not 7…


  2. To Arriva 1581,

    I only used 1581 as I had a rear photo of it, I didnt not realise that actually but I am aware that they are supposed to be on the 3 35 diagrams.


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