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Arriva Logo

The X26/X27 operate from Darlington depot and operate from Darlington to Colburn every 20 minutes combined Monday to Saturday daytimes, both services operate the same route from Darlington to Catterick running via Scotch Corner, Skeeby and Richmond. The X26 then branches to operate via Colburn and Catterick Marne Barracks at peak times only as it usually serves only Colburn. The X27 then extends to Hipswell and Scotton only once an hour.  With the service being combined as every 20 minutes and 2 services operating it leaves an unusual gap in the timetable as the departures from Colburn on the X26 have one 20 minute gap, followed by a 40 minute gap whilst the X27 is just hourly at its Western terminus. The service uses refurbished Scania OmniCity CN94UB’s which were new to Arriva Durham depot in 2005 and carry the usual MAX livery with the route information on the side and route map on the rear. Like the other MAX services, the X26/X27 also have a reserve vehicle in the form of 2 ex Liverpool Scania OmniCity CN94UB’s which are also refurbished to MAX standard but wear branding for the X26/X27 and X66 (another MAX’d service). 4646 NK05 GWZ; the first of the batch; is shown below in the X26/X27 livery and 4643 CX05 EOV is shown in the spare livery.

4646 MAX X26 X27

4643 MAX Spare


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