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The X93’s 4th generation of vehicles is a much more permanent fixture with it also becoming part of the new ‘MAX’ brand.  The X93 runs up to every 30 minutes during peak season between Middlesbrough and Scarborough via Whitby and Robin Hood’s Bay. The route is very challenging for any vehicle, full to capacity of passengers on a route over 2 hours with mostly non-stop rural road driving including many steep climbs too. After the introduction of the ADL Enviro 400’s with SightSeeker livery the service was incredibly unreliable therefore other vehicles used to operate the services such as Scania OmniCity CN94UB’s or Temsa Avenue’s – both of which unsuitable for the route capacity wise. The E400’s were also very sluggish which didn’t go well with the hills either so Arriva trialled a VDL DB300 / Wright Gemini 2 on the service and noticed an improvement however these would have to be refurbished to allow comfort for the long journey. They then began to use the Volvo B7TL / Wright Gemini 1’s which were transformed from London and a much more drastic improvement was identified in reliability and suitability of the route. Arriva therefore wanted a new order of vehicles for the service so that it had something more permanent which were some of the last Euro 5 Volvo B9TL / Wright Gemini 2’s built from a dealer. These were then refurbished to ‘MAX’ standard but keep their dealer stock seats, few opening windows and rubber gasket glazing. 6 were purchased and are the only Volvo B9TL’s in the Arriva Bus UK fleets, these manage incredibly well on the route so after removing the coaches from the route in 2011 it has taken 4 years to allocate a permanent vehicle type to the route but they certainly got the best! In the summer season however the service increases to a PVR of 9 due to the length of the route, increase in frequency and the necessity to fuel vehicles so currently two Volvo B7TL / Wright Gemini 1’s have been refurbished with leather seats to match the standard of tehe B9TL’s but sadly this means another single-decker is still in operation throughout the summer months. Below is 7403 NK64 FSJ wearing the X93 version of the MAX livery with the eye-catching map of the route.

7403 MAX X93


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