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Arriva Logo

The introduction of the ‘Sapphire’ brand on key services throughout the UK generated the extra patronage that Arriva desired for the key but borderline-profit making routes by marketing them as a premium and of a higher standard. However including all the features such as heavy refurbishments or brand new purchases, e-leather seating, free WiFi, Next Stop Announcements and a dedicated hand-picked driving team becomes costly as the North East division at the time had many loss making routes and even more just breaking-even. Therefore the ‘MAX’ brand was born, it provides a premium standard to the North East and Yorkshire express routes (those with an ‘X’ in the route number) that connect the major towns and cities of the North East and Yorkshire on a fast & frequent basis. MAX vehicles operate with new or refurbished high specification vehicles, in a striking livery, with e-leather seating and free WiFi. The ‘MAX’ brand was launched in September 2014 with the introduction of refurbished ’59 plate VDL DB300 / Wright Gemini 2’s for the X10/X11 routes from Blyth to Newcastle. The MAX brand now stretches to these services:

  • Route X1: Tow Law – Darlington
  • Route X10/X11: Newcastle – Blyth
  • Route X12: Newcastle – Middlesbrough
  • Route X14/14: Newcastle – Thropton
  • Route X15: Newcastle – Berwick-upon-Tweed
  • Route X18: Newcastle – Berwick-upon-Tweed
  • Route X26/X27: Darlington – Colburn
  • Route X66: Darlington – Middlesbrough
  • Route X93: Middlesbrough – Scarborough

The X10/X11 operate from Blyth depot and operate from Newcastle to Blyth every 10 minutes combined Monday to Saturday daytimes, both services are non-stop to Regent Centre and operate via Southfield, Cramlington and Parkside. The X11 then serves Northburn Hauxley Drive, an estate in Cramlington whilst the X10 skips this section, both routes operate past Newsham before splitting off again with the X10 going via Newsham Farm Shops with the X11 skipping this section where both bus routes then combine to Blyth Bus Station. The ‘MAX’ brand also has a requirement for vehicles to be always ‘MAX’ standard so a reserve is also painted for the service which is another ’59 plate VDL DB300 / Wright Gemini 2. This has no ‘MAX’ logos on the vehicle with information on the side explaining to passengers the use of the vehicle. First is 7609 NK59 DMO and then 7613 NK59 DMV.

7609 MAX

7613 MAX X10 X11


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