Posted by: SB Websites | April 20, 2015

Abbotts of Leeming Solo SR


Abbotts of Leeming are an independent operator compromising of mostly coaches, for day trips and scholar work. They were established in 1937 and serve the North Yorkshire area although they do operate 4 stagecarriage services using service buses. The 80/89 operate between Northallerton and Stokesley using one vehicle every 2 hours with the recently started X80/X89 running from Northallerton to Middlesbrough with 3 return journeys Monday to Saturdays also using one vehicle. The 80/89 was previously Hourly using 2 vehicles, but when the X80/X89 started up the 80/89 was dropped to bi-hourly with the express services filling the gaps in the timetable. They also purchased 2 Optare Solo SR’s for the service, one of which is YJ13 HHS which is seen below wearing the livery for the service:




  1. Another great net, Keiron!

    Are bus operators allowed branding over the drivers’ side window? Just doesn’t seem right to me.


  2. To Arriva1581,

    Optare Solo’s are an unusual design as only half of the window is actually in the drivers cab:

    But what you mentioned would not be allowed on any other vehicle as it would obscure the drivers vision.


  3. Ah right, cheers for explaining!

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