Posted by: SB Websites | April 13, 2015

GNE Traning Vehicle Livery

gne logo

Go North East, amongst their other new service brands, launched a new Driver Trainer livery and brand. The livery is a simple but smart Red and White with branding such as “Join our Team”. It is only Coaches S979 ABR and Y782 MFT that wear this livery; the first is a Volvo B10M / Plaxton Premiere with the latter being a Volvo B10M / Plaxton Paragon – Both ex National Express coaches. Y782 MFT has a good history for services but never had anything permanent as the services ended up being axed. It started off on the Bargain Express service which stopped when ANE swapped Hexham for Ashington for GNE. It then got sent to Chester-le-Street to kick-start the X23 again between Durham and Newcastle, sadly this was withdrawn where it then transfered to Percy Main where it gained Commuter Express livery for the X90 between Cobalt Business Park and Newcastle Peak Times only. This service was also withdrawn in favour of service X39 which interworked off the Cobalt Clipper. The coach now wears the standard Driver Training Vehice livery which is shown below:

7082 Driver Trainer



  1. Great work, Keiron!
    You might want to add the GNE Lambton Worm Versa’s to the Nets in the News section.


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