Posted by: SB Websites | April 9, 2015

Abellio Surrey LK56 JKO


The Abellio group operates public transport services across Germany, the Czech Republic and the UK consisting of bus and rail networks. It was founded as NedRailways in 2001, before being renamed Abellio in October 2009, they are most famous for being the arm of the Dutch national rail operator Nederlandse Spoorwegen. In the UK they operate bus services in South East England stretching across 6 depots with over 650 vehicles to the company’s name. One of the operations outside of London is the Byfleet depot as part of the Surrey subsidiary, the company has a fleet of mostly Dennis products which are mainly Travel Surrey hand-me-downs (Abellio bought out National Express’ Travel London and Travel Surrey operations in 2009) such as Plaxton Pointer II’s, Enviro 200’s and East Lancs Myllenium Spryte’s, one of the latter is shown below in the form of 8770 LK56 JKO.




  1. Reblogged this on The Go Group and commented:
    Good bus net, the rear is a bit iffy but who gives a ****

  2. To jimpaperbus,

    Thanks, if you could supply me with a rear photo of this I can edit it. Sadly I couldn’t find any which meant it had to be a bit of guess work.


  3. Here’s one of JKJ:

  4. Also, can you be posting at 8:00 now? It’s because the clocks went forward and WordPress’ 8:00 is England’s 9:00 now.

  5. To jimpaperbus,

    Thanks, it has been ammended.


  6. To jimpaperbus,

    Yes thanks for noticing, they will follow that now.


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