Posted by: SB Websites | April 6, 2015

Spirit Buses Caetano Nimbus

Spirit Buses

Spirit Buses are a very new operator in the North East operating services in Coquetdale and Northumberland. The company was formed in 2013 by Director Steve Hurst and he realised the importance of connecting these rural communities to more developed areas so villagers can access the amenities they require. They own 2 Dennis Dart SLF / Caeteno Nimbus which are based at a small depot in Rothbury which is the companies operating base with services from here running to Upper Coquetdale, Alnwick and Morpeth. Their core service, the 15, operates Monday to Saturday with 5 return journeys operating Thropton, Rothbury, Cragside, Edlingham, Alnwick, Willowburn Retail Park and Alnmouth Railway Station with connections to East Coast Mainline Trains. Then there are infrequent routes which consist of the 14S, 16, 17 and 18. The 14S operates between Thropton and Morpeth on 2 times a Sunday (with no other service running as Arriva’s 14 has no Sunday service. The 16 operates a circular service of Coquetdale from Rothbury serving Thropton, Snitter, Netherton, Alwinton, Harbottle, Sharperton and Flotterton twice on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays with additional evening journeys operating on Friday and Saturday evenings. The 17 then operates from Rothbury to Elsdon via Thropton, Flotterton and Hepple with 2 return journeys operating Wednesdays only. Then finally there is the 18 which runs from Rothbury to Wallington Hall via Lordenshaw Road End, Fontburn Road End, Forestburn Gate, Scots Gap and Cambo operating twice on Mondays and Fridays. the PVR of all services on higher operation days is 2 vehicles but the 2nd vehicle is not required everyday with the timetables being uneven. KU02 YBC, one of their smartly present Nimbus’ is working a 15 service to Alnmouth Railway Station.




  1. Very Nice Kieron, i’ll keep my eyes open for the request list to become available again

  2. Very nice Keiron, I’ve heard that very recently there have been problems with the Nimbus’ and both of them were VOR yesterday with no replacement. Hopefully everything goes back to normal.

    Keep up the good work,

  3. Very nice work

  4. To patrickmunford,

    Thanks, a very nice net this was to make. The requests will be re-done when they are all finished but will feature a new system – watch this space!


  5. To arriva1581,

    Yes quite correct, they are both back in service now but sadly they missed off a day completely because both of them were indeed VOR.


  6. To samstravel,

    Thanks, I enjoyed making this one.


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