Posted by: SB Websites | March 30, 2015

ANE Whitby Park & Ride

Arriva Logo

In 2013 an effort was made by North Yorkshire County Council to tackle parking in Whitby Town Centre, especially during the busy tourist hungry summer months. These efforts came in the form of charging more heavily for parking in Whitby Town itself and the construction of a new Park and Ride site in the West side of the town on the A171 road. This was completed ready for the 2014 Spring season and proved successful although quickly the service got overcrowded at busy times. The council awarded the contract to Arriva Teesside and they use 2 Optare Solo M950’s which are painted all over white and carry simplistic logo on either side; similar to that used on the Scarborough Park and Ride but in purple instead of the blue. The service runs direct from Whitby Park and Ride site to the Town Centre every 15 minutes using the 2 vehicles and it is numbered the 171 – that being the road number it serves. Below is 2827 YJ08 XBG showing the simplistic livery;

2827 Whitby Park and Ride



  1. Brilliant net, Keiron.

    Got to say, that the new Whitby Park and Ride livery is much better than last year’s, although I don’t like the white Arriva fleet name on the front of this year’s.

    Keep up the good work,

  2. To arriva1581,

    Thanks, yes the new version has been added to the Nets in the News section.


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