Posted by: SB Websites | March 23, 2015

GNE South Tyne

gne logo

The South Tyne brand includes services 88/88A that operate between South Shields and Lukes Lane Estate via Chichester, South Tyneside Hospital, West Harton, Simonside, South Leam, Primrose, York Avenue, Jarrow, Hebburn, Monkton lane (88) or Campbell Park (88A) every 30 minutes each combining to every 15 minutes Monday to Saturday daytimes. The brand came about when service 88 which was branded ‘Cross Tyne’ had to be cut short to operate only south of the Tyne due to refurbishment and construction of the Tyne Tunnel. The service at this time used Dennis Dart SLF / Plaxton Super Pointers and they received temporary ‘South Tyne’ logos over the previous ‘Cross Tyne’ logos and stayed like that for a year. During the intake of Mercedes-Benz O530G’s from London in 2012 this lad to mass cascades across the region leading to the Mercedes-Benz O530’s on the CityLink being moved onto the Diamond to send the Volvo B10BLE / Wright Renowns onto the Crusader which allowed the Cadets to move onto the South Tyne. The Cadets were then used until late 2013 after the mass 100 vehicle order which saw an even larger amount of cascaded vehicles being scattered all over the region. Part of this order were new Wright Streetlites for the Saltwell Park services 53/54 which allowed the Optare Versa’s to be cascaded onto the South Tyne services to upgrade it further. The Versa’s were the same livery as what the Cadets did except with a slightly different arrangement of the dots. 8294 NK09 FUP (the first Optare Versa in the GNE fleet) is operating an 88A service to Lukes Lane.

8294 South Tyne



  1. Great work as usual, Keiron.

    Just to let you know that 8294 has lost the purple panel below the front window, and has been repainted black so it matches the rest of the fleet.

    As seen here;

    Keep up the brilliant work,

  2. To arriva 1581,

    Thanks for that but I always make them at the time they came about, so it can be left as it is.

    Thanks anyway,

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