Posted by: SB Websites | March 9, 2015

GNE New X66 Metrocentre

gne logo

Go North East operate the shuttle service numbered X66 which operates between Gateshead Interchange and the North East’s largest shopping centre the Metrocentre. Last year the Metrocentre got bought out by intu Properties and therefore required a refresh of the livery. This came in the form of a very complex design incorporating different things you can do at the Metrocentre, eat, shop and go to the cinema or go for a drink. All of these are then enhanced with the use of various multi-coloured dots which makes the livery more complex and finishes off with an orange stripe which spans the whole vehicle. Although the downfall of this livery is that no contravision was used, therefore in the rear section it’s actually difficult to see out the windows and also makes it very dark inside too. However, about 1 month ago Go North East finally decided to withdraw all their bendy-bus vehicles from the fleet which saw an end to the Bendy-bus operations in the North East- something which has been around for 15 years. This saw the withdrawal of the 4 Mercedes-Benz O530G’s on the X66 and the 4 Scania L94UA / Wright Solar Fusion’s on the Great Park and Ride service X40. The X66 currently uses standard Northern vehicles such as Wright Solar’s, Optare Versa’s and Wright Renown’s. Therefore currently (especially on Saturdays) the service struggles with capacity as the vehicles get so overcrowded. A brand new batch of Wright Streetlites are due for the service but again will struggle to cope. The X40 now uses Optare Versa’s which have been transferred from the Simplicity in Sunderland with it being a contracted service therefore requiring modern vehicles Therefore below is 5347 working an X66 service towards the Metrocentre.

5347 X66 Metrocentre




  1. Brilliant livery, Keiron 🙂
    Sad to see the Mercs go to B&H.
    Go North East refer to the X66 as “Centrelink X66”, either that hasn’t been updated or it may be the brand that the StreetLites will wear.

    All the best,

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