Posted by: SB Websites | February 26, 2015

GNE Wear Tees Express Citaro

gne logo

Following on from the previous post, the Cobalt Clipper received a new batch of Volvo B9TL / Wright Gemini 2’s which allowed for some of the 2010 batch of Mercedes-Benz Citaro’s to transfer onto the Wear Tees Express service X7 to replace the Volvo B10BLE / Wright Renown’s. The X7 is a relatively new venture and operates an express route from Middlesbrough to Sunderland using the A19 for a large chunk of the route diverting into Peterlee on the way and then passing through villages such as Shotton and Wingate before passing through Seaburn and toward the suburb of Grangetown into Sunderland. The route is technically registered as 2 separate routes, one X7 running from Peterlee to Middlesbrough and the other X7 running from Peterlee to Sunderland but this is simply to get round the EU laws prohibiting long bus routes. The service operates hourly but is starting to get some good loads since the upgrade in vehicles, it definitely makes a difference! The brand can now live up the same standard as the Tyne Tees Express brand with high class of vehicle! 5334 is seen showing off the new livery, which is practically identical to the example used on the Renowns’ except with the ‘X’ continuing over the windows with contravision.

5334 Wear Tees Express



  1. When are you going to start doing the nets on the request list?

  2. very good vehicles indeed! If they had wi-fi it would make it even better

  3. To BD12 TEO,

    I reckon another 5-6 updates should do it, it’s just because I am so far behind on the local stuff.


  4. Ok

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