Posted by: SB Websites | February 23, 2015

GNE Cobalt Clipper B9TL

gne logo

Order No’ 7 of the 2013 vehicle order for Go North East consisted of a further 17 Volvo B9TL / Wright Gemini 2’s for the Cobalt Clipper services 309/310. This was to increase capacity due to overcrowding on the previous Scania OmniCity’s and Mercedes Citaro’s. The OmniCity’s now see use on the Whey-Aye-Five-O service, as well as the Cobalt Connect service with some further examples now in the GNE standard livery acting as reserves at Stanley depot. Some of the Mercedes-Benz Citaro’s then transfered onto the Wear Tees Express service X7 with the rest now operating on the Crusader service 27. The 2 ’06 plated examples gained GNE standard livery. The 309/310 both run every 15 minutes combining to every 7/8 minutes between Newcastle, Cradlewell, Coast Road and Cobalt Business Park. Here the 309 extends to Whitley Bay and Blyth every 30 minutes with the 310 heading towards North Shields. The livery still uses the recognisable silver colour with the introduction of a new style branding with a blue and red ‘C’ on each side alongside added route information. The vehicles have the standard free customer Wi-Fi capabilities, Next-stop announcements and route information screens onboard as well as plug sockets for charging uses. The vehicle shown below is 6111 NL63 XBV.

6111 Cobalt Clipper



  1. Another brilliant net Keiron! 🙂
    Nice comfy buses, these are, shame that GNE don’t listen to customers about contra-vision and other branding over the windows. (Nothing’s worse than the Loop and Prince Bishops!)


  2. I believe that the branding over the windows is contravision on these:

  3. To uktransportnews,

    Thats my fault for omitting that, I didn’t include it on the net as its not that obvious but I will certainly apply it now as its gotten a bit worn now and I will use the technique I have applied to the Wear Tees Express Citaro.


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