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GNE Tynedale Express

gne logo

The OK1 branded as the ‘OK Expressway‘ was a route started up to compete against Arriva on the Bishop Auckland to Darlington corridor in 2013, this route went through a few changes to try to gain custom after Arriva introduced a new rival service which also offered a direct link following a similar route branded as ‘The Best One‘. In the end Go North East failed at the bus war they started and in the end the route sadly had to be withdrawn therefore the ’55 plate Solar’s which were used on the service were off to a new home. They were all internally freshened up and had free customer wi-fi built-in for a new competing route and this was the X84/X85. The X84/X5 operate a 30 minute frequency from Newcastle Eldon Square to Hexham. The X85 offers a more express link running Hexham – Corbridge – Horsley – Heddon-on-the-Wall – Denton Burn – Benwell Grove – Newcastle and the X84 replaced the 684 they withdrew to offer a more direct link running the route Hexham – Corbridge – Ovington – Ovingham – Wylam – Heddon – Throckley – Denton Burn – Benwell Grove – Newcastle. Strictly speaking the services do not run every 30 minutes but more like 2 buses per hour as the X84 takes longer than the X85 but the timetable is easy enough for passengers to understand this. The brand they designed for the service was the Tynedale Express which wears a very similar livery to the Citylink 58 service, one service was originally going to use a different brand design but a last-minute changed caused both services to be based on the same livery making them a bit unusual since they don’t follow any similarities in route! 4 of the Scania L94UB / Wright Solar’s are branded in this livery whereas 5229 NK55 OLG is painted in GNE red livery as a reserve for the service. Below is 5230 NK55 OLH wearing this livery.

5230 Tynedale Express



  1. Yet another brilliant net!!!
    Arriva is striking back, they’re upgrading their 85/685/X85 to Max later in the year, so we’ve got to wait and see what happens…


    *(Just to let you know, that on your FabFiftySix B9TL post, on the title you’ve put FabFiiftySix)

  2. Brilliant net. In the description, it is 5210 that is branded as Tynedale Links not 5229 – it remains in its Northern livery.

  3. To uktransportnews,

    The post has been edited.


  4. To arriva1581,

    The post has been edited.


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