Posted by: SB Websites | January 1, 2015

SNE New E300 CNG


Stagecoach North East purchased a fleet of 17 Scania K270UB 4×2 with ADL Enviro 300 bodywork which are powered by Compressed Natural Gas in January 2014. The Scania chassis is powered by their OG9 GO4 9.3l five-cylinder vertical in-line gas engine coupled to an automatic ZF 6 speed gearbox. Developing 270hp, making them feasibly more powerful but in reality they are slower than the existing diesel E300 due to the extra weight. The chassis has only around 40 components not common to the diesel version. Composite gas tanks on the roof, concealed in a stylised pod, hold the fuel at a pressure of up to 200 bar. Externally the gas buses are finished in a variation of Stagecoach corporate image incorporating swoops in various shades of blue. Phil Medlicott explained that the distinctive blue livery would be adopted across Stagecoach for gas buses in the same manner that the green variation of standard livery has been applied to hybrid vehicles. Balloon graphics at the rear add to the gas message and support the side and rear posters promoting modal shift ‘Driving is a downer, let us give you a lift.’ Free Wi-Fi is also available on board on these vehicles. They operate from Stagecoach in Sunderland’s Wheatsheaf depot on the 16 and 20 service. A 2nd batch of CNG E300’s arrived later in 2014 to allow for more services to be operated by E300’s to withdraw some of the older MAN engined ALX300’s. Pictured here is 28017 YN63 BXU on a 20 to Prestbury Road.

Also, just to clarify that the next few updates will not be uploaded due to technical difficulties. Regular service will commence on the 2nd February 2015; apologies for any inconvenience caused.

28017 It's a gas!



  1. Great net, I suspect that you spent a long time building it.

  2. Very nice Keiron. I look forward to the ANE Sapphire and Max paperbuses. (also the new X66 net!). Will the Sapphire post include the Ashington X21/X22 Enviro400s?


  3. Hi cb04,

    Thanks for the comment, it took about 9 hours to complete.

    Thanks Keiron

  4. To Tommy,

    Yes they will all be included in the Sapphire and MAX posts.


  5. When will you be making the requests? Mine’s been waiting for over a year now I think!

  6. Well done mate. A lot of time and frustration I would imagine would have gone into this (9 hours)

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