Posted by: SB Websites | December 25, 2014

GNE Saltwell Park

gne logo

The new purchases just keep coming, this time in the form of 11m Wright Streetlite’s for the circular Saltwell Park Services 53/54 which link Newcastle, Gateshead, Coatsworth Road, Saltwell Park, Bensham Road and Newcastle in that order for the 53 with the reverse for the 54. I was very pleased to see such a fantastic brand applied to these vehicles as it really brings out the shape and modern design of them, especially the greens which give it a very calm and clean appearance. The branding itself pictures the Tyne Bridge alongside Saltwell Park and the Hall itself which is situated in the Park itself. This batch of vehicles don’t have any Wi-Fi onboard or next-stop announcements but are fitted with more fold-down longitudinal seats for more wheelchair users and pushchairs to be carried on-board unfolded which give them an odd appearance inside compared to other members of the fleet. What is more interesting is that GNE classify the 11.7m vehicles as full size so they are included in the 5*** number series whereas the 11m examples are in the midibus 8*** number series even if the vehicles are the same design. Here is 8339 working a clockwise 53 service.

8339 Saltwell Park


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