Posted by: SB Websites | December 22, 2014

GNE Drifter

gne logo

There has been a huge investment by Go North East to replace and update many branded services across the network such as the Connections4 and CityLink receiving new vehicles. But the Drifter has also had an upgrade in the form of brand new Wright Streetlite MAX’s which are 11.7m in length; the same as the CityLink Optare Versa’s. The Drifter then got the similar style coast branding that the Coaster OmniCity’s received but the livery seems to sit better on these. With the 60 and 61 originally both being Drifter branded (albeit different vehicles and brandings under the same name) I expected both services receiving the Streetlites however the ex Drifter Versa’s then went onto the 61 painted purple as a Simplicity service. 5369 shows off its refreshing livery working a 60 service towards Seaham.

5369 Drifter


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