Posted by: SB Websites | December 18, 2014

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Another service that received brand new vehicles to upgrade the service was the 58 which operates a cross-city route from Heworth Interchange via Newcastle City Centre and then onto Hadrian Park, a housing estate North of the Tyne. This purchase came as a shock however as they arrived in the form of 11.7m Optare Versa’s which were set to replace the Mercedes-Benz Citaro G’s which have interested enthusiasts ever since the idea came about. However it is all but a memory now with these Versa’s operating the service, they are painted in a modern orange design with stretched logos down the side as well as an appealing circle design. Many objected to the idea initially as these are considerably smaller than the articulated buses that once graced the service however these are more suited with them being easier to manoeuvre around tight estates with the ability to reverse due to badly parked cars being a nuisance on the route. This is another service that operates every 10 minutes during the day but only on the Newcastle-Heworth section with the Newcastle-Hadrian Park being cut to only every 20 minutes. The Optare Versa were purchased with them being more suited to the hilly route as the Streetlite that was trialled appeared sluggish in comparison to 9133. The bendies therefore were put up for sale with the X66 and X40 currently the only articulated bus services in the North of England. Versa 5378 NL63 YAD is working a through service to Hadrian Park.

5378 Citylink


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