Posted by: SB Websites | December 8, 2014

ANE SightSeeker E400

Arriva Logo

A service that has been struggling ever since a vehicle change occurred is the excursion-style service X93 which runs from Middlesbrough to Scarborough via Whitby and the very steep descent and climb into and out of Robin Hoods Bay. The service used to use DAF SB3000 / Plaxton Prima’s but these were then cascaded away due to the councils requiring Low Floor accessible vehicles onto the service. This then led to them going onto the X66 service from Darlington to Middlesbrough after receiving a full refurbishment and branding but this was short-lived since they proved unpopular by passengers. They were then sent north to Northumbria where they operated the X15/X18 or the 501/505 at the time and the 685 to replace the R plate coaches of the same design. Therefore Arriva transferred the Scania OmniCity CN94UB’s from the 63 Redcar to Middlesbrough service to the X93. The vehicles themselves performed very well considering the length and amount of steep hills on the route but they became very overcrowded as passengers were forced to stand which made conditions very unpopular but they then branded them as ‘Seasider’ and used them again the next season much to the annoyance of many holidaymakers. Therefore due to the amount of complaints, Alexander-Dennis Enviro 400’s from Northumbria were cascaded to the X93 after a trial although these encountered power related issues. A full 70 seater double-decker does not perform well on 20% hills and so could become late very quickly making queues grow and grow at Whitby and Scarborough by the end of the day due vehicles having so much late-running. So Arriva then decided to brand them under the ‘SightSeeker’ brand which incorporated different landmarks from Middlesbrough, Whitby and Scarborough. Arriva also launched an advertising campaign featuring Judy Falmer who discovers the various ‘things to do’ in the 3 main destinations of the route. These vehicles were then cascaded back to Northumbria and the service then received some of the refurbished ex London Volvo B7TL / Wright Gemini 1’s and perform surprisingly well despite their history, so after a lot of hunting around and realising Volvo were they way forward, Arriva purchased the last ever built Euro 5 Volvo B9TL / Wright Gemini 2’s which are being refurbished to ‘MAX’ standard as we speak. 7502 NK57 DXY is showing the ‘Whitby’ style livery showing an ice-cream cone.

7502 SightSeeker


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