Posted by: SB Websites | December 1, 2014

GNE The Centurion

gne logo

It’s incredible to realise just how far Go North East have gone in the last 10 years to think there were only a few main priority routes that had route brandings and even those were only simplistic and still in corporate livery with additional vinyls. Does anyone remember the first? I certainly do, the Blaydon Racers using Dennis Dart SLF / Super Plaxton Pointers which were painted all over yellow adopting standard livery swirls in differing colours. That brand started a trend and that trend is well and truly stuck in the way Go North East operates as a company with almost every service using a route branding. As mentioned above, the original intention at this time was to have only main routes using branding but this very quickly grew due to an increase in passenger usage. One corridor I was very surprised to receive route branding was the 17/17A which runs on an incredibly long-winded route from Whitley Bay to Cramlington via North Tyneside Hospital, Preston Grange, North Shields, Royal Quays, Howdon, Rosehill (17A), Holy Cross (17), Wallsend, Redesdale Park, Benton ASDA, Forest Hall, Killingworth and Dudley. However, what was even more interesting was that the service used an old revived brand that was lost when the 75 merged under the North Tyne Links umbrella. Anyway, the Centurion was then re-introduced into North Tyneside using the ex Blaydon Racers Volvo B10BLE / Wright Renowns which were cascaded by ex Red Arrows Mercedes-Benz Citaros which themselves were cascaded by brand new Volvo B9TL / Wright Gemini 2’s for a capacity upgrade. The Renowns kept the yellow basecoat but included two blue bands which incorporated the service logo and route information which were branded in May 2013. However by early 2014 all the Renowns were rebranded into Northern livery upping their book value for planned sale in the future. The 17/17A is back having no brand again and joined the small ‘Northern’ club. Wright Renown 5166 is a W plate ex Oxford machine which for a time was used on the Centurion, here it is showing the new defunct brand.

5166 The Centurion


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