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Stagecoach on Teesside ALX400


Stagecoach on Teesside have the oldest average fleet age out of any Stagecoach subsidiary in the country for which they still had a large fleet of Alexander bodied Volvo Olympians. To replace these and keep the fleet age a bit more in-line with the others a fleet of Dennis Trident ALX400’s were received from Stagecoach in Hull which were used on the ‘Frequento’. These were painted into standard Stagecoach colours although oddly the blue band doesn’t continue across the front which gives a non-standard look. They are usually used on the 36 but occasionally find themselves on other Tessside services as well.




  1. Nice livery. So im also guessing the E300s are been phased out on this route? By the way, what is happening with the New 100 livery. I have to agree, it looks too impossible to be even attempted. If you want any help getting back on track I have a few nets that could get you started. Like a Waggonway solar and a Stanley Travel SR.

  2. Great net Keiron however a few minor errors on the rear. They don’t have lower deck back windows (the blind box is located where the window is), the light cluster at the rear is different and the fleet number is in a completely different place (see this photo for what I mean

  3. Robert, the Tridents are only used Monday-Friday on certain journeys between schools. Previously, 2 were used – one ran a round trip from Park End at 0853 (that trip is still in a way the decker-ran service) the second working a round trip from Hartlepool at 1100, the first running off a school run the second then going to do a school run. Now, a decker leaves the depot to do a school run then goes onto the 36 at 0853 then it has to be swapped onto a completely different duty (recently it’s been done in Stockton between 0930 and 0945) as the afternoon school trip now drops off the 38 down at Park End at 1428.

  4. Well done Keiron, you were gone a long time but it’s good that you’ve bounced back. I don’t know if you are going to but it’s worth adding the new Lambton Worm Versa livery and the Whey Aye Five 0 OmniCity to the nets in the news.

  5. Looks superb, I have to credit you in the way you do the stagecoach livery, i get figity just at inking the the small decals on the paperbuses. Must take you a while to do!

  6. All 6 OmniCity’s are now at Chester and ready for full service within the coming days

  7. 4928, 4929 and 4930 now in the standard red fleet livery

  8. Think 4928 and 4929 have been done for a bit now, 4930 is a recent one, think somebody mentioned it yesterday evening or something, thanks for the confirmation though.

  9. No, the three came back as a covoy the other day, 4927 was covering just about everything that 4928 would on the 50 just like 4926, however the latter strayed onto the 71 and X25 a couple of times. 4928 felt like it had been gone forever, and to be fair it was along at Saltmeadows for about two to three weeks and some drivers thought it had been transferred as only 5 of that batch are needed to go onto the X25, and to be quite honest it is without a doubt the worst of them, it spends more time on the pits in the depot than actually out in service. Just as they came back the other night 4931 left the depot still in it’s Whey Aye Five 0 branding. A couple of OmniCitys have been out in service; there are a few pics on Flickr. So far 5257, 5258 and 5260 are the only ones I’ve seen, but it has been confirmed that all six are at Chester. Due to all of the vehicle movements I’m afraid it will take a while for their branding to be fully completed althought it is rumored that 5255 is already stickered up; but seeing as it hasn’t left Chester for service yet and as it’s parked right at the back out of sight, nobody will know until it enters service.

  10. A couple of days ago, Tony told me that Citaros are due to be de-branded and re-branded at the same time and replace all of the Renowns sometime next year, a few will go onto be bought by small independants and some will go onto driver training to displace those disgraceful coaches. Lets be serious, a Renown would be a lovely vehicle to train in; hopefully when I’m old enough I’ll become a driver for Chester (parents permitting). The Citaros are just what the Lime needs.

  11. The majority of OmniCitys are in service on the 50 now.

  12. 4931 has not left Chester for Saltmeadows and is still at the back of Chester-le-Street. Looks like its getting towed over.

  13. It won’t be getting towed over, in if an accidents occurs or a withdrawal is taking place does a vehicle get towed, an engineer will likely take it over and then drive a Kangoo back, and Tony told me the other day that it had already left for Saltmeadows. Just out of interest, how do you know that it’s still at the back of Chester?

  14. Apparently its VOR and hasn’t been out in service for a long time.

  15. It was out in service on Tuesday on the 50.

  16. 5256 and 5259 have entered service in the past day or two. Finally 4944 has left for Riverside, it never managed to fit in with the other buses; it rarely strayed off being a reserve for the 50, and it’s ticket machine was terrible (you know when you look at your ticket expecting a perfect one and get a half printed one, none of the leading drivers ever bothered to change it and get it fixed). 3974 and 3978 aren’t buzzing around anymore, I love how Riverside has like a special area for the deckers to park up in, but personally I favor the depots that are actual garages and all buses are stored undercover, just like Chester. Now that 8236 and 8238 have been withdrawn, the Renowns have been allocated to the 71. 4837 and 4839 were on it today just like 4838 and 4844 the other day; there is a rumor that 4904 and 4905 are to come back to Chester to help, I mean now that all of Chester’s single decker reserves have new allocations, a few are going to need to come and help out, we’re already short of buses and now they are getting permanent allocations, leaving the Tridents and Presidents and 3983 (which is a contracted bus) to do all of the reserve work, although one of the ex-Whey Aye Five 0’s could take up a single decker reserve role, despite it being the only one, although the two rumored Renowns will likely get transferred when 8237 and 8289 get withdrawn. It’s all touch and go at the moment.

  17. Riverside is like a house for Vykings. All except for 3908/1/2 which are Deptford based and 3983. (May be wrong, didn’t have the Allocations in front of me.) 5333 looks great, also, you mention renowns, a possibility is 2 of the 4 WTX renows can come down and replace them since they will be freed.

  18. Knowing the way everything seems to be getting absorbed along to Riverside at the moment, they’ll probably be chucked along there and used only about once a week. I’ll be riding around on the 50 a few times tomorrow, I think as soon as 4931’s ordeal and mystery is over and done with then the Omncities will all enter service.

  19. I regularly follow this blog to support Keiron’s fantastic paper buses, though have not made an account until now.

    To touch on a few of the comments raised in above comments, given that some of them have been referenced on a forum I moderate:

    Marcus, I am replying nine days after you made your comment regarding all six OmniCitys being at Chester-le-Street, yet 5256 is still at Percy Main (though it has remained unallocated since Sunday 16th Feb). 5255 only arrived on 18/02/14, so I have absolutely no idea who you’re getting your information from…

    In regards to the point you made about three Solars returning to Chester-le-Street in a convoy at once after repaint, I have never heard anything so ridiculous in all my life. 4926 was repainted w/c 9th December alongside 8298, 5205, 8253, 5205 and 5257. 4927 was repainted w/c 23rd December alongside 8252 and 8255. 4928 was repainted w/c 6th January alongside 8300 and 5254. 4929 was repainted w/c 3rd February alongside 5204 and 5209 and 4930 is the most recent example to be repainted on w/c 10th February alongside 5151 and 5331. The vehicles have been returned in the same week as they have been due to be repainted (the aforementioned dates).

    Solar 4931 is fire damaged and has not moved this year. It has most definitely not been out in service, as it has been without an engine since January. If you go to Chester-le-Street, you can see the back of the vehicle is still covered in soot and a number of panels are missing so that engineers could access and remove the fire damaged parts. It won’t be getting repainted until it is fully repaired, and it is therefore likely that Dart 8289 will remain in service until 4931 is repaired.

    As far as I know, 4904/05 are not scheduled to be transferred elsewhere. The B10BLEs currently allocated at Chester-le-Street are amongst the oldest in the fleet, and I am led to believe they are going to be withdrawn. Given that 4906-09 will be repainted red and freed up once 5333-36 enter service, where is a likely home for some of them?

  20. Here’s a hint for the new Whey Aye Five 0 livery; it’s going to be styled in the same way as the Coaster and the Drifter.

  21. Just the other day an order was placed on 13 brand new Citaros for the Lime, they are due to be delivered by the end of the year according to Tony. He also mentioned that some kind of planning permission has been submitted to the council for a new depot that will merge Chester, Stanley and Washington, and that it is due to be built next year. (hopefully not)

  22. Go North East’s orders aren’t placed for a good few years yet. Again Marcus delivers a load of rubbish to the public domain!

  23. To Daniel,

    I’m afraid I only report to this blog what drivers tell me.

  24. I look through recent posts with a large amount of comments and so much of the information you have posted has turned out to be untrue (or in some cases, has changed)… Even when people are correcting you as they have been given the correct information on other websites, you’re putting them down and saying that your information is right… From where I’m standing, and I apologise if this sounds rude, but I’m afraid it just makes you look like a bit of an arse.

  25. Daniel,

    I have spent the last 30 minutes wondering whether or not I should bother to reply. Everything that I ask a driver, I ask another driver to see if they agree or have heard similar, then I post a comment relating to it. As the front line people of the company, and as they actually walk into the depot in the morning and check vehicle movements etc, I have no reason to not believe what they tell me, and besides, what would they gain from making it up, to the majority of them, as they put it themselves; a bus is a bus and a depot is a depot.

    I do not appreciate being called an ****, your resolution ‘to touch on a few comments’ and the way you do this makes you seem hypocritical. I have viewed this blog for a good time now and contributed my information to it for so long I can’t remember, and if you go back even further through the posts to the point where it is from a couple of years back, you will realise Keiron has threatened to or has banned people who use language like that.

    I understand that you are one of the ‘big bus enthusiasts’, having checked your Flickr page for new photos for just as long as I have been viewing this blog, I have often wished to know as much and be as informed as you, but now I have a completely different opinion of you. To be quite frank, I find you to have an unexpected and unwanted way of Micro-Managing this situation, and from where I am standing, you have a similar attitude to Victor Meldrew.

  26. Marcus,

    What I am trying to get at, is that drivers aren’t often the ones who are informed of matters as early on as you are telling people. Drivers often find out details of major future fleet movements perhaps a fortnight to a month in advance of the movements occurring. Drivers who are enthusiasts and are part of online communities may spread rumours through the depot, and this is how other drivers – who may not necessarily be enthusiasts – hear and find out things. Whether they walk into the depot each day or not, they simply do not find out information regarding fleet movements months in advance.

    From what I have seen, you have contributed to the blog for a long time now, and I’m sure Keiron appreciates this. It is great that he has so many supporters – myself included – of his work. What ruins it somewhat, is untrue information being littered across the comments section on each page. I’m still unsure why Go North East news is being discussed on a Stagecoach North East paper bus! The intention of my posts above were not to belittle you, nor to attempt to change how you contribute to this blog, but to make you realise that one could perceive your comments to be slightly rude to other members of the community who are trying to pass on correct information. Robert, Tony (Kuyoyo) and Keiron are all members of the forum I moderate, and I have seen that they – more so the former two – have passed on the information I and others have given to the enthusiast community on my forum, or even knowledge of their own. Despite this information usually being correct (it often comes from members of Go North East management), you seem to have disagreed with it on so many occasions. Seeing this is incredibly frustrating, and while they may just let you get on with it and see the real outcome when it happens, others (such as myself) would like to make you open your eyes a little. Regarding the use of the word ‘arse’, I have looked up the etymology of the word, and all I can see are references to a human body part. I have never been brought up to believe that the use of this word is bad language, hence my use of it here.

    I hardly consider myself to be a ‘big bus enthusiast’, either. I’m still fairly new to the enthusiast scene in comparison to others, but do have a number of contacts (often in company management) in Go North East and Stagecoach North East.

    I am not going to attempt to change your opinion of me on the grounds that I do not know you, and you do not know me. Perhaps I’d have been further inclined to sway your hasty judgement of me (based on three blog posts) if I knew you. While your intentions of making posts to inform readers of this blog may be honest and virtuous, the perception I have gained from you over the past few weeks is growing to be the opposite.

  27. To Daniel,

    Thanks, I’m going to take this on board and in the future see two sides of a story before making a final judgement, if you know what I mean. When you mention Go North East being discussed on a page about Stagecoach, I’m afraid thats just what happens on this blog, all sorts can be discussed on any page.

    If you see the Tyne Trail (Keiron’s entry for the Pulse competition) page for example, I kept on trying to post stuff about GNE, but unfortunatley it just wasn’t being answered or noticed so I had to move onto the newest post; which if I am correct was an Arriva one, although I’m not too sure. I just had to keep going with the flow, so to speak. I appreciate your understanding, and I’m going to use your advice in the coming posts; I just post what the drivers tell me to see if anyone else (usually Robert) has heard likewise, not to battle what later turns out to be the actual outcome. I’ve always sort of looked up to you, me being a relatively young enthusiast, and you being a much more well known enthusiast who uses a lot of social media to find out stuff. Just out of interest, whats the name of the blog you moderate? Thanks once again. 🙂


  28. Hoping Keiron doesn’t mind me putting a link on here to it…

  29. Thanks very much!

  30. Guys, please, don’t use this for gossiping. Use it for complements and requests.

  31. Would love to see Plymouth City Bus Red Flash or Blue Flash livery! Or if not praps the new Plymouth City Bus livery

  32. Whoops! Wrong symbol, meant @

  33. @devonexpress, I agree!!!

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