Posted by: SB Websites | January 5, 2014

GNE Wright Streetlite 11.7m Demonstrator

gne logo

This 11.7 Streetlite ‘Max’ demonstrator was used on the CityLink 58 with ideas to replace the Mercedes Citaro 0530G’s due to their appalling reliability. It operated for about 1 month until it was noticed that the Streetlite’s can be sluggish on hills which isn’t ideal for the 58’s hilly route!  Therefore the 11.7m Optare Versa demonstrator from the Diamond was trialled alongside the 58 allowing for suitability to which model to go for. At the time of creation it was not decided which vehicle was going to be purchased although currently 11.7m Optare Versa’s operate on the 58 in a new orange style livery which will be included in an update in the near future. LK13 AEJ has the fleetnumber of 9132 and is painted all over white with some GNE logos and a 100 year celebration vinyl on the nearside window.




  1. I remember seeing this at Gateshead a good few months back and thinking of it as an ‘ugly ducking’ when compared to 9133 that was at Stanley at the time, but nonetheless something told me to board it to Newcastle, and it was a bouncy, painful journey where everyone who moving around in their seats,
    and I was glad to get off. This net is fabulous when compared to what it’s like in real life.

  2. It has the same storyline as “The Ugly Duckling” – In a couple of years, it’ll be a “very fine swan indeed!”

  3. Disagree entirely! The design of this bus is well…very unique to say the least and that’s why I like it although they can be quite unreliable

  4. What I meant is that its never been an Ugly Duckling and it never will be.

  5. Well, it doesn’t look good now, but it will.

  6. And Kieron, can ya do a TrentBarton H1 Optare Versa please?

  7. It looks really good and can you not read? Requests are clearly not been taken so read before commenting.

  8. Robert (or Northtynelinks2!), no need to be rude! And I only know that’s you, Rob, because that just sounds like you.

  9. Well, want a medal, and yes, there was a need for me to talk to you in that manner because its clearly stated that requests aren’t been accepted.

  10. That’s been like that for MONTHS!

  11. It’s been like that for MONTHS because, unfortunately, Kieron has been busy with other things and hasn’t really been focusing on paper buses. Just give it time.

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