Posted by: SB Websites | January 5, 2014

GNE Cobalt Connect

gne logo

After the service changes which saw the Scania OmniCity’s become displaced from the West Durham Swift due to ‘low passenger numbers’ they were moved to Percy Main Garage to operate services 9 and 19. Although only the 19 actually received a brand and is known as the Cobalt Connect. The examples running on the 9 operate in Northern livery. The livery is with simple vinyls on the already red basecoat showing the Cobalt business logo and service names. There is then the destinations of the service above the windows and this is repeated on the offside. Here shown in livery is 5276 NK56 KHR.

5276 Cobalt Connect



  1. Well worth it once again, Keiron. May I ask whats become of the M-Ticket Mobile Ad livery that was in the Nets in the News?

  2. Im just going to wait until somebody points out the obvious error so it doesn’t make me sound like im been nit picky. Nice livery, just a shame these were taken off the West Durham Swift because the Deckers don’t really get full to have them, and plus a lot of B10s end up on there a lot, especially the 1525 (SDO) departure from Lanchester which is always a B10 (usually 4913)

  3. Hi Kieron, nice livery but how come the front number plate has been moved?

  4. Nice question, that has been done with a lot of the Scanias apart from the Red Kite examples. These would be perfect for Lime services 8/78/78A as they are reliable and have a smooth ride.

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