Posted by: SB Websites | December 31, 2013

GNE New Crusader Livery

gne logo

For the first update in a while I have an ex-TEN Mercedes Citaro in the new version of the Crusader livery for service 27 linking Newcastle and South Shields. These were cascaded as the TEN received a new batch of Volvo B9TL / Wright Gemini 2’s which has therefore allowed the Volvo B10BLE’s to go into reserve and operate on the Wear Tees Express’ the latter of which is shown below. The livery comprises of a new simple style logo with the ‘Crusades’ logo which was plastered over the Renowns making a much smaller appearance giving a tidier look. They are then topped off with a red banner across both sides advertising the service; 5317 NK08 MYG advertises the frequency and route.

5317 Crusader



  1. Welcome Back!

    What are request looking lime? Same as last time or a new list?

    Also! What about DMS and SS&S

  2. Welcome back Kieron, you’ve inspired me to start my own paper bus blog

  3. To Sam,

    Glad to hear it, Norwich is a nice city; visited it on a number of occasions.


  4. To firstleeds69350,

    I am leaving the request list for now until all Nets in the News are created just ot get them back up to date due to the gap. DDS are growing and at some point a update will be compiled; alot has happened!


  5. Nice to see you bouncing back Keiron, a nice net to start you back up!

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