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GNE Wear Tees Express

gne logo

The X7 is a new service that operates from Sunderland to Middlesbrough and serves many parts of East Durham that are not served primarily by other services such as Shotton and Wingate. The X7 is and express service and is linked to the Tyne Tees Express services X9 and X10 by being given similar branding and therefore being named the Wear Tees Express. The X7 uses ex Crusader (and then ex Diamond!) Wright Renowns and being W reg does not really show a level of quality compared to the X9 and X10. W908 RBB is shown in the livery below.

4908 Wear Tees Express



  1. Nice job Keiron, very creative and nice to see in the middle window the 100 years centenary sign. Once again you haven’t failed to impress!


  2. Looks smashing! Apparently the X7 is getting an ‘upgrade’ to the wright solar from the Metro Link.

  3. Nice. Buses are improving every time! Could I also use the net (repaint it)

    Connor and Jacks Paperbuses

  4. Nice livery,

    To Connor, unfortunatly Keiron is unable to forward you any nets due to copyright reasons these are all originals of Peter Fray as stated also on the net it self, hope you under stand.

    PS Head over to Paper Bus Drawings the new site for the UK! In the process of doing a Manchester ANW Hybrid bus!

  5. I was asking keiron not you. But thanks for stating anyway but I’ll wait to see what he says.

  6. To Everyone

    Due to the OK Expressway Solars being withdrawn from service as the OK1 was withdrawn, 5230, 5231, 5232 and 5233 have all been transferred to Chester. Seriously guys, you have got to get yourselves to Chester Le Street to see some of the OK’s operate the most random services. Yesterday 5230 was on the 50, 5232 was on the X22 and 5233 was on the X25, but that was YESTERDAY. Today 5231 was on the 34 and 5232 was on the 71. Honestly, who knows what tomorrow will bring? If you want to get some good pictures or make a memorable ride, get yourself to Chester Le Street while they’re still here, I promise you won’t regret it.


  7. Also, 3885 and 3887 are rumored to have moved depots, but I doubt it, although I haven’t seen either for a while.

  8. Dafuq. There is no update for today!

  9. To CDJ,

    What? There is no need for language like that! At the end of the day Keiron will be trying to enjoy his summer as much as possible as well as making his commitments.

  10. Calm down mate! Is it really the end of the world if the net isn’t published on time? I know that the next in line is the Lothian “Back the Bid” livery, which is quite complex so that may be what the delay is.

  11. Cheers!

  12. AlexF380, I must of submitted a very hard request :p

  13. To Sunset Buses,

    Its all rumours at the moment, once the next wave of new vehicles arrive that is when you will be able to tell.


  14. To Connor,

    Thanks North West Bus Page, saves me reiterating.


  15. To Alexf380,

    It is quite a complicated livery however I have sufficient photographs to create it, its more of the fact that its the holidays and this is done purely as a hobby. My interests are elsewhere at the moment.


  16. haha, no problem! 🙂 How come you haven’t updated in a while?

  17. There is already one on loan for the service for a month due to the renowns being unreliable.

  18. To Sunset Buses,

    The Metro Link Solar’s are replacing the 28’s and 34’s. Renown’s can be fairly unreliable and have noisy engines, but I think considering the X7 was only introduced a few months back, Go North East won’t jump straight into replacing the vehicles. Anyway, some M1’s have been repainted Plum because The Waggonway is getting a livery upgrade, even ask a Chester Le Street driver and they’ll tell you the DAF’s are being replaced by the M1’s. However my friend, I can give you one VERY strong likely candidate; The OK Expressway Solar’s.

  19. The OK expressway solars are at Hexham for the Tynedale Xpress

  20. Are you able to do a Optare Esteem/Scania N230UB (Centrebus) Reg.:
    K3 YCL. Fleet: 706. Dest: Toddington Green,Busway Direct. Route E.
    Photos Here:

    C:\Users\Charlie\Pictures\buses\Centrebus LTD\706.jpg

    C:\Users\Charlie\Pictures\buses\Centrebus LTD\706(1.jpg

    C:\Users\Charlie\Pictures\buses\Centrebus LTD\706(2.jpg

    C:\Users\Charlie\Pictures\buses\Centrebus LTD\706(3.jpg

    C:\Users\Charlie\Pictures\buses\Centrebus LTD\706(4.jpg

  21. Want Exact Destination Pictures for 706 Centrebus on route E:


  22. Actually

    C:\Users\Charlie\Pictures\buses\The busway\791destiblinde1.jpg

  23. Please Try Your best. If you can’t don’t worry just tell me..

  24. To Robert,

    Sorry, it’s just the fact that I’ve been in Fuerteventura and living off an iPad with poor internet connection that I haven’t been able to comment as much or check for updates. I loved the OK livery, unfortunatley it’s only worn by 571 and 572 now, however it’ll be nice to see some more Northern Solars. Earlier on today I stopped to speak to some Chester drivers, and they said that the new 28’s and 34’s are due for the back end of September or if delayed mid October, none are scheduled to arrive anytime soon. I guess we’ll just have to keep our thumbs twiddling…, but at the end of the day only two of the drivers said that.

    To Charlie,

    I believe no requests are being accepted. And isn’t this the second time you’ve requested at the wrong time?

  25. To Keiron,

    The new coaster livery needs adding to the nets in the news, the blind to Wrekenton looks good in my opinion.

  26. To Marcus,
    3825 is at Stanley, Chester have 6016 back. Looks very cool and cant wait to get on it and see how its ride is.

  27. To Robert,

    I am aware of that, 3825 is only up there for a month or two before coming down and finishing the school year on the 887 hopefully. Then, like the other Palatines that has had it’s life extended, it will be withdrawn and either sold onto another company, preserved or scrapped, according to Tony who once again is covering on the 887, one has already had bids placed on them from scrap merchants, but I’m sure nearly all will be sold on to other companys and one or two may be preserved by loving volunteers. I can assure you that 3825 makes a good journey, however it can get tired if overloaded.

  28. To Marcus
    it is.

  29. Is 709 K6 YCL, Centrebus on the request list realy!

  30. Oh no its not i’m guessing its not!

  31. BREAKING NEWS FOLKS! By next week Chester Le Street will have lost a lot of buses. 8236, 8237, 8238 and 8289 will have moved and been replaced on the 71 and spare duties. Another Lolyne will go, most likely 3869, but up to Stanley MAYBE in exchange for 3885 or 3825 to come back down. 4862, 4864, 4865 and 4866 will all have been withdrawn as will 4983, 4984, 4985, 4986 and 4987; all to be replaced by M1 Solars. Loose some and gain some, the DAF’s will become extinct and designated to a life of withdrawal. If anybody wonders what happens to withdrawn buses within GNE’s fleet, they are usually stored at the back of their depot or in the maintenance area. However as there are 9 Prestiges, there simply won’t be enough room for them at the back of Chester so they seem destined to be parked up round the back of Saltmeadows.

  32. 3825 is an amazing bus along with 3813 and 3833, havent been on 3885 though, really want to though! Glad to see the collection of ALL the original Limes at Stanley (4897/8/9, 4900/1/2/3/4/5

  33. To Robert,

    I have reason to believe that 3872 has moved to Chester Le Street, today it was on Scholars 888 and yesterday I saw something on the X25, 3804 in the key mobile app had just passed and another came down in the same livery, it couldn’t have been 3803 as it moved ages ago and is all over at Percy Main, so please tell me if you see it up at Stanley again.

  34. To Robert,

    I was sad to see 4905 go as Renowns have now become a permanant feature on the X25. As for Chester’s Renowns, 4852 and 4896 have to be the best followed closely by 4855, although recently all have been maintained and serviced hence several strange vehicles on the Lime. 4854 is quite good too but not as bad as 4850 which has a major issue with it’s engine. 4851 and 4853 are popular ones to do random services and they are the noisiest and heaviest. As for Northern branding, 4837 is quite shabby inside but runs like a dream, 4838 and 4839 are amongst the best reserves at Chester hence why the allocation sheet seems to prefer them. If I can give you one more bit of advice, don’t be excited about 3885. It is noisy, heavy, and generally quite painful and rattly on long journeys; definatley not suited to the X43 which I fear it will see use on; but it beats a Lolyne by the skin of it’s teeth.

  35. The X43 tends to get loaded with a lolyne with the occasional B7TL and in a very rare circumstances, an olympian. 3885 tends to be used on scholars and the X30/X31/X70/X71. Thats a thing about the Chester Limes, they are so loud you could hear them before you saw them. 3886 seems to be helping Stanley out a lot on scholars i have noticed. I can remember 4839 breaking down on the Redheugh Bridge in Newcastle, wasnt a good experience. I quite like the lolynes. Also, i see a theme been brought to the fleets branding system, the new 11.7m Versas for Citylink have pretty much the same livery as the Tynedalexpress.

  36. To Robert,

    I have used the X43 at least a dozen times and have had only 3802 and 3875 as Lolynes. 3886 is about to become a permanant fixture on Scholars 885 starting when we get the new 28’s, 34’s and 71’s as is 3872 on Scholars 888 according to the Scholars allocation sheet I was given a copy of by Tony, although the two will likely swap routes but stay on Scholars Services. I’ll be up at Stanley tomorrow to buy my dad a present from the model shop for his birthday as model railways is amongst his hobbies, so I’ll use the X31 and X30 to get there.

  37. Common keiron get back and do a net. Its not the holidays now matee.

  38. Ah, could be why i have been seeing a lot of 3886 lately. They could of been swapped?

  39. To Robert,

    That is a possibility, but 3886 is still and is still going to be allocated to Chester according to the allocation sheet. Perhaps 3872 will still be allocated to Stanley but be used at Chester? At the end of the day Stanley operate work services over at Newcastle and Percy Main so it must be possible. By the way I saw 3885 on the X43 today, and ON TIME for once!

    To Charlie,

    Keiron likely has a job, and so to make up for the nets he made back at Easter on a regular basis, he may need to work it off. He has a life other than buses, you know.

  40. Ok, just i have seen 3886 a lot. Last Saturday i saw 3872 on the pits at the back of Stanley depot and that is the last time i have seen it. Im suprised at it been on time on the X43 although i wouldnt say it was a route that is very late.

  41. 4866 withdrawn today, 4862 due to be the next to go.

  42. Finally! 3872 and 3886 have been swapped.

  43. 4862 on Scholars 886 last night and Scholars 885 this morning, on the 886 this morning was a very surprising loaned coach, one of that batch of 5 that Chester have been given for a while.

  44. 3823 can amazing get up banks without stopping now! Just 3814 who cant.

  45. 3 Renowns a day are allocated to the 5 required X25 as 3869 has moved, to Percy Main presumably; I hate to admit it but I am actually missing 03 and 59.

  46. 3874 on the X22 and 6036 at Chester today, couldn’t believe seeing 3983 on the 71 so I have had a generally good day of buses. If 3874 HAS moved, I can safely say Chester are building their Lolyne Empire back up to what it was, but not necessarily have them realloacated to the X25 as that route needs faster and friendlier buses hence the renowns.

  47. 3886 was on the X43 today. 3814 and 3822 were both on the Diamond today while 3832 was on the Red Kite. 8221 was also on the Diamonds. No suprise but 5352 was on the X66.

  48. To Robert,

    I was on 3886 today on the X43 and passed 3814 going to Newcastle when I was going to Stanley, I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if 3874 does move to Chester as once upon a time it was allocated here, and to tell the truth I think Chester and Stanley are going to be sharing 85, 86, 87, 88 and 89 on Scholars as yesterday 3887 was on Scholars 886, 3889 was on Scholars 888 and 3888 was on Scholars 887. Also if I’m honest I have a feeling that Chester and Stanley work in partnership as they trade buses, help each other out and I’ve even seen a Diamond on Chester’s pits before.

  49. Wow, Consett are due to get Solo SRs to replace the MPDs. I’d hate to see them painted yellow!

  50. 6036 on Scholars 886 tonight with 3874 on the first revised run of the X22, I have a strong feeling they have been transferred and Chester are gathering their Presidents back up to what they were.

  51. Not to forget 4959 on the 28 this morning, the new livery looks like a match made on the solar while it is the only new vehicle to enter service with more on the way tomorrow.

  52. Sorry forgot to mention 8216 on the 71 as well

  53. I know, i take it the DAFs have been withdrawn? I think the livery doesnt suit the Solars but i guess that thats only because its new and i havent got used to it yet.

  54. To Keiron,

    MAJOR UPDATE for the North East Bus News Website. 6036, 3874 and 3875 have been transferred from Stanley to Chester, whilst 4956, 4957, 4958, 4959 and 4960 were all commisioned today onto the Waggonway whilst some of their predecesors have been sold to Alpha Recovery and a couple will go another week or so. The 71 will continue to use darts for as long as possible but may not make it to the new year, whilst the biggest surprise of all is that 8302 has been painted into Lambton Worm and is due to be transferred in a couple of weeks as guess what will be doing the 34/34A; VERSAS! Those Solars that were originally being considered were chosen to go Northern so a variety of spare vehicles could be added to the fleet, and the new ones are for around November time. I’m afraid that’s all I’ve been told for now, but if I get told anymore I’ll be sure to post a comment.


  55. Also 3887, 3888 and 3889 up to Stanley while 8216 from Washington as well.

  56. I wonder why Stanley is getting a sudden burst of Trident Plaxton Presidents all of a sudden. Do you know which DAFs have been sold to alpha and which ones havent or is that unconfirmed?

  57. Well Robert, 4866 has been sold along with 83 and 84; 83 indefinatley but 84 for sure, 86 will go next with 4985 and 4987 (the popular ones) being the survivors but only by a few days. When the Versas are ready to take over on the Lambton Worm, no doubt 4862, 4864 and 4865 will suffer the same fate, although 62 is due to be withdrawn in a couple of days and temporarily replaced with a Volvo B7.

  58. Ok thanks, i have seen comments about new B9TLs for Prince Bishops and Fab Fifty Six. I knew about the 56 but not about the 20. Personally, id put B9TLs on the Pronto as im starting to think the B7TLs cant handle it. Id love this to see off some of those olympians.

  59. To Robert

    The President’s struggle that much with the X21, although this is almost impossible but I am honestly surprised Articulated Mercedes haven’t been introduced on it as so many people struggle to cram on board no matter what time of day. In other news I had 4959 on Scholars 886 this morning, that one runs like an absolute dream, then 4837 on Scholars 887 tonight (Tony had the option of either that or 3873 so he made a wise maneuvor) before swapping onto 4960 to go my Grandad’s which wasn’t as good as 4959 but still alright, at least neither rattle like a box of nails!

  60. By the way I have found out that 8216’s transfer is only temporary.

  61. Are the Saltwell Park streetlites shorter than the Drifter ones? I think the artics may struggle in Durham on the X21, the roads are already small. I know its jus a suggestion but it would be worth the try i guess. Im sure i saw the back of 9132 but i cant be 100% certain i did.

  62. 3825 has returned to Chester, tonight it was on Scholars 887 for the first time in a month or two.

  63. To Robert

    I’m honestly not too sure but seing as the streetlites themselves are smaller than your average single decker I would presume so.

  64. Update: Yourbus have lost the Cathedral Bus contract to Stanley Travel who will use 2 Solo SRs on the route.

  65. To Robert

    That’s quite ironic as a couple of weeks ago I had just gotten off 3802 on the X43 at Stanley and saw a sign saying something like Your Service Is Saved with the Yourbus logo at the bottom of it outside the Stanley Travel offices, near the 78/8 to Sunderland stand (I think it’s stand H or something)

  66. Yeah, i just found out about it yesterday as i know somebody who works for them. Also, the 39 and X36 to become part of ‘Simplicity’ using some of the old Drifer Versas? 8306 is running around purple and thats what people are saying.

  67. By the way Robert, I found out the yellow bus I thought I had seen was 24 not 25 as it was on the 71 today.

  68. Also 3869 back to Chester after a short spell at Percy Main.

  69. To Robert

    I know for a fact that Versas are going onto the 34/34A, with 8302 painted green for it; so perhaps 8302, 8303, 8304 and 8305 for that and 8306 onwards for the new 39 and X36, as both 02 and 06 seem to be starting off their fellow serial numbers onwards for their new brands.

  70. 6018 and 3865 on the new X22 today. Pat, Eddie, Ian and the other regular drivers no longer do it as it has been taken over by Unit 2 – who don’t have a faint clue about the route some never having driven a double decker before!

  71. The Final Olympian withdrawals have begun with 3826 being withdrawn from Gateshead.

  72. When the X22 gets to Durham now it becomes the 13/14 which is practical as Unit 2 already operated them, and the one it replaced goes onto the Metrocentre which means the X22 may have up to 5 different buses on it a day, for an example of this interchanging; 6036 and 6019 were swapping all day today.

  73. 4958 is a good runner like 4959, 4956 needs a bit of tuning and it’ll be fine but 4960 has since developed a stalling problem where the doors won’t open immediatley and it won’t pull out straight away whereas 4957 is a bit of a boneshaker.

  74. I wonder what livery 3964 will sport next after children in need.

  75. To Robert,

    That’s a good question, I have a feeling it will just keep on passing down several brands until it simply goes Northern again, and I have a small feeling it may sport the new Intu Metrocentre brand livery at some point. I have some interesting news however; 4865 and 4866 were withdrawn first because they have received buyers whose names I don’t know, but unfortunatley when 4864 and 4862 get withdrawn having been favored by the Versas in the next couple of weeks or so, sadly they will not be so lucky…

  76. Personally, a lot of new brands look a like. The new drifters will look exactly the same as the Coaster and the Citylink 11.7m versas look like the Tynedalexpress. Its like ‘have you lost your creativity?’

  77. To Robert,

    I can’t help agreeing, I mean the X66 serves Gateshead to Metrocentre, surely it can have ACTUAL metrocentre branding on instead of just X66 in a graffiti style, and don’t even get me started on the S1 Circular!

  78. The bus/buses on the S1 have never had a proper livery since Classic took the route over from GNE, they just make it look boring and i think 8266 is a bit too big for the car parks as when i saw it in the first few weeks of them regaining the service it had a panel caved it. Whether this was caused by the car parks i dont know but it is more likely that it was.

  79. A Quaylink was on it last Saturday

  80. And Nexus Solo SR 634 was on it last Sunday, the Solo SR should be used on the service rather than something as big as a cadet.

  81. By the way Robert I found out that when the Renowns get withdrawn about this time next year, there are a few candidates on what is going to replace the lime ones, the snag is that they have not been revealed. Although to speculation, Solars wouldn’t last a week on the route as it needs a strong, sturdy capable vehicle like a Renown, when I’ve had 4944 and even 4926 once on the 78 they have gone up to Consett beaming and came back down crawling, they can barely handle the 50 nevermind the 28.

  82. Yeah, i hear the Whey Aye Five 0 is getting Ex-Cobalt Clipper omnicities when the B9TLs enter service, the remainder will go to Stanley for X30/X31 (the deckers obviously werent much use) and the Citaros amazingly go to Crook for the Pronto. The new Lambton Worm livery looks nice!

  83. After reading your comment again, could the omnicities be for the Lime but then they would have to get more from somewhere since 5 are going onto the 50/50A which would leave 5 buses for routes once combined need 13 buses. When looking at this again, this seems like its not true. So i will guess they are still for X30/X31 and possibly even X70/X71

  84. 4864 and 4862 withdrawn today with 8302, 8303, 8304 and 8305 taking over as I predicted; the new livery looks good on the Versas

  85. To Robert, the 50 requires 6 buses

  86. Oh yeah, just realised, a suggestion for the brand of the X21 has been ‘The OK Expressway’ although i cant really see this happening

  87. The Darts will be gone in a few weeks too although their replacement is unknown but the rumour is Citaros or Vykings.

  88. Could be cadets or any other bus thats due to get replaced in a service upgrade (obviously not the Versas) and i see a red Versa 11.7m has arrived, presumably for a Citylink spare like 5229.

  89. I know it’s not Cadets, it can’t be the reserve Renowns nor the Darts as they are being withdrawn in the first place. Chester are getting a big flow of Solars, so maybe some more Northerns like 4944 will appear, but obviously not 5229 as it’s essential to the running of Hexham.

  90. I know all of the Fab 56 solars are been painted into Northern presumably so that they are ready to be distributed out to other depots once the Deckers arrive. I would say that these are probably ones to replace them along with a few deckers and possibly the B7RLEs Winlaton have because i think the Toon Link needs an upgrade.

  91. I have a feeling a few Solars will be transferred to Chester, but there is the possibility that the 71 needs deckers as at peak times some people even have to get the next bus because it gets so crowded, and although Gateshead do use their Vykings as reserves, surely they can spare one or two so they aren’t sitting doing nothing in the depot, no wonder the Vykings are slow because they aren’t used much and have not as much power in them due to. Baring in mind though, they did screw Chester’s reputation on the 21.

  92. Yeah, if i have to say i think the 21 is the primary route across the whole network so it was a shame to see that the buses werent unable to handle it. The main reason why the Vykings just stand there would be the fact that the 24/24A were withdrawn and they were the main routes that they were used on.

  93. The 21 IS the most money making route within the fleet, some drivers move depots just to drive it. 8302 is a good bus, but broke down on Friday and had to be taken back to the depot and replaced by 6038 which was going back to Crook that night. 8305 is better, and I had a good chat with Martin the driver from Pelton Schools to Chester about what he thought of them. As he had done Duty 218 on the Thursday (drive a 34 out the depot, 4 hours on that, 1 hour on the 34A, back on the 34 for an hour and a 34A for four hours then back to the depot), he had gotten used to them all and liked them more than the DAF’s. I’ll try to ride 8303 and 8304 next week and find out what they’re like.

  94. I was one of those people that said ‘yuk’ to the new Saltwell Park livery but actually, it is probably the best livery i have ever seen. The rest of the Citylink Versas are predicted to join 5378 and 5379 in service tomorrow and the Solo SRs for Venture are expected to start been delivered this week.

  95. It has been confirmed that 4926, 4927, 4928, 4929, 4930 and 4931 are going to be painted into the Northern livery and dispersed to various depots with one staying at Chester as they are being replaced by some Gateshead OmniCitys in the new year.

  96. Sorry from Percy Main

  97. Here is a horrible photo of what has become of 4983 since withdrawal in October following it’s accident:

    R971FNW_Alpha Recovery

    There are plenty more pics of ex-GNE darts and dafs in Alpha Recovery Yard too.

  98. The Whey Aye Five 0 Solars are being painted red as 4926 is now in the Northern livery.

  99. It has been confirmed that on 26th January, the Pronto Presidents will be fully replaced with Citaros from the Cobalt Clipper.

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