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Scarlet Band Pink 16

Scarlet Band NewLogo

Scarlet Band lost all their Darlington Town Service work after the council withdrew all their funding. Although, a local community group gave some money to Scarlet Band to kick-start a service 16 to Newton Aycliffe via Mowden and Heighington Village. Scarlet Band therefore painted Optare Solo YT51 EAW into a pink variant of their livery. The vehicle has not had the application of the livery done very professionally, with scratches in the paintwork and wonky logos quite apparent. The 16 started out as a daily hourly service and it has continued to be with a 16A introduced at peak times as well. Here is YT51 EAW working the 16 service to Mowden.




  1. Can you please design this livery :

    Lodge Coaches, TL07DGE in Salisbury, DSCF0169

    Lodge Coaches, TL07DGE in Salisbury, DSCF0170

  2. Excellant job Keiron, the pink is certainly eyecatching.

  3. To Patrick,

    Sorry no, the request session has ended.


  4. Excellent work once again Keiron, the artwork on Chester depot’s wall has been revealed by Julie from the travel shop to picture the Lindisfarne Gospels, a story of the competition is in the window. In other news it would appear that 8223’s appearance at Chester was a one-off, as no other appearances have been made and no updates reported, yet.

  5. To Keiron,

    At the last moment on the Friday mid morning we got an offer from Hodgsons of Barnard Castle to cater to our every need with HC61 BUS and Andy, veteran of 14 years for our trip to France. The vehicle alone was lovely and very comforting especially for the journey in the Euro Tunnel, and so I thought as the nets in the news has died down you could possibly add it on as Barnard Castle is fairly local. BTW this a suggestion not a request.

    Cheers mate and I’m looking forward to Monday!

  6. Where’s the update?

  7. Patience! Although I have been wondering that myself, im sure there’s a good reason

  8. It may be because there are not enough pictures of the Wear Tees Renowns, myself I’ve only seen about five pictures.

  9. Wondering whether you’ve thought about doing one of Arriva’s new Hybrid Gemini 2’s?? Pretty difficult to do but if their’s one person who can do them is you! hahaha This will be my request for when the requests are open!

  10. I’ve found out: the holidays

  11. To Keiron,

    Several unfamiliar appearances on The Waggonway are making me feel that the Prestiges are being one by one either repainted or withdrawn, as they are due to leave in September, mind nothing strange about the 34 today. It started yesterday when I saw 8238 re-enter service after a brief visit to the pits for engine trouble, rattly as anything mind it was like being on a DAF anyway, as well as 4837 with it and 4926 on Wednesday and 4855 last Friday in exchange for 4983 on the Lime, also 4896 appeared that day on the 34A in exchange for 4864. Earlier today 8237, 4905 and 4944 appeared on The Waggonway with 4986 and 4985 being the only allocated buses to appear. Just an hour or two ago I saw 4984 conked out at the side of the road entering Ouston, on the short motorway just outside the Drum Industrial Estate with it’s engine opened up for inspection by the driver who was trying to contact control. A diversion due to a threatening gas leak meant all 28s were delayed each at least by 15 minutes, one 28A (4985) left South Burns just as the 28 pulled in (8237). 4900 broke down at South Burns as well and Chester dragged out 571, something the Stanley driver never expected to drive on the 8.

  12. To Keiron,

    Most of the DAF’s back in service now, hopefully for a while. One strange thing to report today was 6028 and 6032 both appeared on the 50 and 13/14 respectfully. At first when I looked at the reg on the oncoming 50 at the Arnison Centre, I thought it was 6026, but that had just flown by on the 14 to Durham. I was surprised to see it mind, but was even more puzzled when leaving Durham Bus Stn on the 43 with 5290, I saw 6032 on the 13 to Durham. Quite strange to me, but probably just a day loan, nothing serious like a month on loan.

    Thanks mate,

  13. Can you start a trains blog? For paper trains?

  14. To Keiron,

    The Ashes today attracted many attention to my estate, adjacent to the cricket ground. As I went out for a walk at around 5 this evening, about a dozen Go North East buses were parked along the pavement, all on Service 500 to Durham Railway Station. Chester borrowed MANY vehicles to host this event, all were Chester drivers with strange buses. Partnerships such as 3980 with Driver 3020, 3821 with Driver 3105, 3974 with Driver 3247 and 571 with Driver 3210 were some very odd mixes, as 3020 and 3105 are Unit 2 drivers, and the final, 3210 is a Unit 1 Driver. I think 3247 is a Driver that commutes between depots, but I know for a fact he does more at Crook than at Chester. Amazingly all the drivers there I knew and I stood as the buses were parked up waiting for the tourist cricket fans talking to the drivers for ages. According to 3150, who was assigned to 6027, more will be required to accomodate the weekend, several Lolynes are being borrowed from Percy Main to help. Although when I looked at the Grounds Coach Park, it appeared more Presidents were there, but they got assigned to the 501 and 502 along with the remainder of the Palatines and Lolynes. However the majority that turned up were Vykings borrowed from Gateshead and Deptford, I was astounded to not see 3983, although it may have been in service. Overall a nice day of bus spotting for me 🙂

  15. To Marcus,

    Sorry, I only add newsorthy nets onto that section.


  16. To North West Bus Page,

    It is already on the Nets in the News.


  17. To Keiron,

    No bother at all, just an idea that I thought you might like to consider.


  18. Ohhh I look forward to seeing it which branding have u looked into to doing?

  19. To North West Bus Page,

    It will be the NE CoastLiner ones, then the MAN EcoCity’s operating in Darlington.


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