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GNE Basic Yellow Bus Livery

gne logo

Recently the Yellow Bus Olympians have been withdrawn from the fleet due to the high amount of Gemini 2’s which have arrived earlier this year. Only a few Palatine II’s remain and these have been painted into a basic version of the Yellow Bus Livery to tidy them up a bit as they were looking rather tired in the previous livery. 3827 was in Northern Livery so it seems strange that it has now gone back into Yellow Bus Livery. Here, S827 OFT shows off its new smart basecoat of Custard Yellow and Yellow Bus Logos.

3827 Yellow Bus



  1. please stop sending to brennan bates as he died 10/7/13. This from his parent. can’t see wherre to unsubscribe hence this message.

  2. To Mrs Bates,

    I’m extremely sorry to here this and I give you my condolences.

    Unfortunately I cannot control the subscriptions sent out as they are automatically produced every time the blog is updated as part of the WordPress provider the blog is hosted from. Also, I cannot remove someone from subscribing to my blog through the use of Email as that the way WordPress is.

    However you can do it if you have access to the email by following these instructions.

    ‘Here are brief instructions for unsubscribing from a blog if the person has a username account:

    1. click the “unsubscribe” link on the emails of the posts received at the very bottom of the emails.
    2. go here >!/read/edit/ locate and click the “x” next to any blog there to unfollow it and no longer receive posts in the Reader or by email.
    3. go to the blog in question and click the unfollow/follow link on your Admin bar.

    If the person does do not have a username account then 1. applies.
    1. click the “unsubscribe” link on the emails of the posts received at the very bottom of the emails.’

    Sorry if this has caused you any distress and I have the up-most respect for you and your family.

    Keiron Bains

  3. To Keiron,

    Marvellous net but I’ll be in France until next Friday Morning so I’ll miss the Nightingale Palatine and Scarlet Band Solo, but I’ll be sure to check them out.

    To Mrs Bates,

    I am sorry to hear of your loss.

  4. To Keiron,

    It appears that 8223 has been temporarily transferred to Chester to help out on spare bus duties as 8238 is broken.

  5. When they get rid of these, 3814 and 3823 need to go first, they struggle up banks almost coming to a stand still.
    To Marcus, i saw it on the 78 the other day, i found it a bit odd so thanks for that.

  6. To Marcus,

    Thanks for this, it should be included in the next NEBN update.


  7. Could I request Lothians 382 Back the bid livery?

  8. To Leeds Urban Travel,

    Thanks, this will now be added to the request list.


  9. Could I request Abellio Surrey dennis dart LK56 JKO 8770 destination 555 Walton Station please? It isn’t on a Dart body but I’ve forgotten who did build the body.links to photos, One is of 8770 itself, the others are of other darts from the same batch in the same livery
    Abellio Surrey  8770, LK56JKO, Dennis Dart - East Lancs,  Walton-on-Thames.  march 2011
    One from Thursday
    Not Hampton Court... nor the 515A seemingly!

    Thanks, Dan Clarke

  10. To Newcastle North Eastern Buses,

    Thanks, this will now be added to the request list.


  11. are you still accepting requests? if you are can you please make the humber fastcat E300 and Wright Pulsar 2? if i am too late then that is absolutely fine, im aware that i am to fault for been late.

  12. To NNEB,

    That 8770 Is nicknamed a “Pegasus Dart”. It is a ELC Mylennium.

  13. To Robert,

    Sorry no, the request session has ended.


  14. ok, not a problem, all 8 slots were filled when i posted the comment

  15. Here is the coach we had for the trip Keiron, it turns out Hodgsons had offered at the last moment to drive us to our every need all over France so it was accepted. It was a lovely coach to ride, but 10 hours is quite painful. By the way Keiron, I’ve been meaning to ask, have you at some point in your life been a bus or coach driver?, just out of interest. Here is HC61 BUS, lovely vehicle hands down:

    HC61 BUS

  16. To Robert,

    I agree, 3832 isn’t much better either and easily gets worn out yet it always smooth and relaxing. 3825 is the only bus all together that I ride daily, at the back it stinks of petrol and has a tendancy to fail to start yet is every drivers dream bus.

  17. To Marcus,

    Yep, when go up Maiden Law Bank on 3832 you can feel it decreasing although it is no where near as bad as the frst two which nearly stop, those 2 make the Ex-London B7TLs look good and they struggle up banks

  18. 3821 keeps stalling and 3828 has this awful racket like a squeaking noise if you know what i mean. 3829 sounds as if the roof is going to fall off at the front. I think we could probably pick a negative thing out of all the olympians but i guess they are going to be hanging around here for a little bit longer since they have put the easy access bus law thing back so it hopefully comes into force in around 2017 but that will probably change like it has every other times.

  19. Hi Keiron loving the yellow bus we used to have them in Plymouth in Student Link livery however this has now gone and will be replaced by ex london Double decks also versa demonstator, I’m hoping to go to Plymouth soon so I might see it in action(hoping so anyway) Just a small note aswell to say my new go2 livery is now available. All the best DE

  20. To Robert,

    3821 and 3822 used to be allocated to Chester Scholars as well as 3825 which is still surviving at the top of the depot. 3822 was probably the best of the three and 3821 was the worst, I’d place 3825 as good but not excellent. It’s like with the Presidents, you’re lucky as you have 13 up there at Stanley but we only have 3 down at Chester. All are probably my second favourites to the Gemini 2’s, but I can easily get headaches on the hybrids, to tell the truth I prefer buses with engines you can hear perfectly. Although Lolyne’s are alot of people’s worst nightmare, I actually don’t mind them as much as the likes of 3983 or 4866, if all the 11 at Chester are considered, I’d say 3877 is the best out of them all. As for Presidents, an issue is that their steering wheels are very hard to manuvor (sorry for spelling) and many drivers will describe them as heavy. One last thing, if I had to reproduce more single deckers of one specific model it would be the Renown, alot of experienced drivers will tell you they are very similar to Nationals, an old fave of mine.

  21. The B7TLs are really quite slow up banks but they somehow manage to overtake some of the slow olympians ike 3814 and 3823, the rest and the lolynes seem to fast for them. the worst B7TL Stanley has is 6010 in my opinion, its really really slow even when its not going up a bank, also, when 3910 and 3915 were brought back into service not so long ago they literally flew up banks as if it wasnt even there, they were AWSOME!

  22. To Robert,

    I was a MASSIVE fan of Palatine 1’s, but only in the yellow bus livery, Chester kind of lost a few when I got serious about buses. One day we were visiting Asda at Stanley as we hadn’t been a while and to my surprise, parked in the bus station were around four yellow buses. I could recognise three as Palatine 1’s and 1 as a Palatine 2. One Palatine 1 still had signs of the old red and blue paintwork, from that moment on I was an Olympian spotter. As they were all gone nearly a year ago now, I have spread further a field into the likes of pretty much all buses. My old scholars driver Cath Bell, who is now SDM at Deptford, told me that 3916 was a ‘funny’ one, but 3917 was like a gem, never failing. Now however, my favourite model is the DAF, the whirring noise and rattle gets me every time.

  23. Yeah, i still have the luxury of seeing some around Stanley as Nightengale have some as you saw in a post above. At least they got some good deckers to replace the rubbish one they had which was really old and needed replacing, on a morning i liked seeing classics B737 GCN (Ex GNE Leyland Olympian 3737) and that accelerating and it didnt exactly take them 5 seconds to get to a decent speed unlike some of the palatine 2s and all of the palatine 1s.

  24. To Robert,

    I never had much to do with the old Leyland Olympians and stuff, for me what defined an ‘Olympian’ was a Palatine 1 or Palatine 2. As The Ashes are being held at the Chester Le Street Cricket Ground, many buses from many depots are being loaned to help with Park & Ride services. You may be interested to know that 3821, 3828, 3830 and 3831 have all been helping out, over the past two days, 3830 was only in service yesterday. A couple of Presidents have been helping out, the Chester ones are needed to help do Chester services, but they are from Winlaton and Washington. 3825 made a nice appearance today, it didn’t see service yesterday unlike it’s siblings. 3983 was dragged out of the depot kicking and screaming today to help operate the Park & Ride with it’s brothers such as 3974, 3977, 3980 and 3982.
    I’m unsure if any more will be borrowed from Stanley but if so they will likely be Palatine 2’s.

  25. Yeah, as its the school holidays a lot of the Olympians are been dragged out onto services like the 43/44, X30/X31/X70/X71 and i have seen some on the V8. 3830 is a popular one to be put on services other than scholars for some strange reason, 3832 is a popular one aswell, as i said i havent a clue why but i would say they are quite strong, 3824/9 and 3831 are strong but 3828 gets tired and isnt very good, at the moment it is carrying this weird noise and 3983 is always breaking down, i saw it broken down at Stanley not so long ago, why a Chester bus at Stanley i dont know as Deckers cant be used on the 78 and 8 due to the low bridge at Pelton, they are the only routes at Stanley that use Chester buses. It wasnt at Stanley Bus Station its self and it was on the 78 and 44 route so im guessing Stanley was short tso hey recruited 3983 in to help out like they did with 3804 a few weeks back.

  26. Stanley do have a lot of Northern Deckers, they have so many i dont know how they can use them all although it was stated that they would get spare buses for school services.

  27. To Robert,

    Olympians are becoming rarer and rarer however as you say they are actually being used more and more due to vehicle shortages. They wont go for a fair few months yet, everytime they are going to get rid of them they don’t.


  28. Blame the government, they said that all buses had to be easy access by 2010 or whenever it was, then they put it back to this year and now they have put it back to 2017. Not like they will last that long

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