Posted by: SB Websites | July 8, 2013

GNE Optare Versa V1170 Demonstrator

gne logo

To try to secure a cheaper alternative to a full-size single-decker Optare have released an extended Versa model measuring 11.7m. It was launched at the Bus and Coach Show at the NEC in November last year painted in red with full Go North East interior and had large white GNE logos on either side. When it arrived in the North East it was sent to Stanley depot and worked on the Diamond services for about 5 months and then moved onto the CityLink 58 for one month before moving to Plymouth Citybus. The point of the trial was to see how they suited against a standard single-decker such as a Citaro and compare fuel efficiency and general running costs. There it is unknown whether they placed any orders of this model but compared to the problems with the existing Versa’s there doesn’t seem much chance. Here is 9133 YJ62 FFB working the Diamond.




  1. Very Good Kieron

  2. Hi Keiron, Please could I have permission use your buses on my website. I will really appreciate it if you say yes.

  3. The demonstrator has the new features on the first rectangular nearside window, as seen at the bus expo.

  4. Clap clap clap Keiron. As I have said before I had many opportunities to ride 9133 but simply chose not to. I will however confess this, I have never been on a Versa and for one reason, I hear about the reliability, and trust me the last thing I need is another experience like with a Vyking. On Saturday I am going on a bus down south somewhere before swapping onto the Eurostar and going to France on a school trip for the week. Go North East put an offer down to be our provider but in the end I think we chose to take Stanley Travel down and County Coaches back up. In other news, if you happen to be driving along the A167 bypass Keiron and along past Chester depot you will see they have added graffiti to the wall, professional of course. It’s quite hard to work out what the drawings are of though, but there about two of them on the left side and they are quite eyecatching but not necessarily attractive, just like the Northern Lolynes. 🙂

  5. To Jacob,

    No you can’t as you are essentially posting my nets onto your blog to get views. If you like them this much why have you made another blog?

    It also breaks the conditions of my Creative Commons License.


  6. To ‘CDJ’,

    Thanks for that, it will be changed now.


  7. To Marcus,

    Thanks and yes I just noticed them today, rather odd. I will have to see what becomes of them.


  8. Oh, and why are your buses on Google images?

  9. To Jacob

    To attract attention to the website, I found out about Ron and Tons Blog through (quite by accident) seeing a Lime Renown on Google Images and I’ve been hooked onto SB Websites ever since.

  10. To Jacob,

    After just viewing your webpage, it appears you have USED THIS NET. It looks like you’ve cut the side view away from the rest of the net and claimed it as your own.

  11. It appears it has been taken down and the page deleted.

  12. Hi Keiron, please could I have permission to use your buses on my website and I’ll give full credit to you. Thanks Tommy

  13. To Jacob,

    Sorry, I have already said that you can’t. I don’t see the point of you pasting my nets onto your blog from mine, if you like the blog so much why don’t you just place a link on yours for mine?


  14. To Jacob,

    They are on Google Images as they are being viewed from my blog, when you click on it, it brings up my blog.


  15. To Marcus,

    I have noticed that and it has skyrocketed my views and shows the popularity of the blog.


  16. So what else am I supposed to post on my website? I was very proud of Tommyspaperbusnets. And I enjoyed blogging but I might just do buses for myself. Tommy

  17. Jacob,
    Why not try making your own liveried buses from some blank nets and post them on your blog? With a fictional company the world is your oyster, you can do what you want. Just don’t take other people’s work and claim it as your own, and respect each other’s decisions. You should be proud of it, and with a bit of practice, one day you will be just like Keiron and everyone at SB Websites.

  18. Jacob,
    The idea of paper buses is that you MAKE YOUR OWN! Not claim someone elses. Also please respect Keirons decision! Creating liveries does take time at first but then you get the hang of it and it gets quicker and easier. As Keiron has said if you really like this blog so much then why don’t you post a link to it from yours?

  19. Where do I get nets from?

  20. To Jacob,

    You used to be able to get them from me and Peter Fray (the original creator) but we both have stopped this due to copyright infringement by others.


  21. Do you know any other people who do them?

  22. Jacob, you are really getting on my nerves with all these questions, you are breaking copyright laws if you use his nets, you can post a lot of things on your website which doesnt have to be paper buses, it could be news or pictures. Make your own stuff and dont come to us asking for help

  23. To Jacob,

    Most people who communicate on this blog, however none of them will simply allow you to lift their hard-worked on nets from their site to yours. I don’t understand why you are so determined to place other peoples nets onto your own blog when they are already on their own!


  24. Hi Keiron loving the versa demonstator, I’m hoping to go to Plymouth soon so I might see it in action(hoping so anyway) Just a small note aswell to say my new go2 livery is now available. All the best DE

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