Posted by: SB Websites | July 1, 2013

GNE Centenary Northern Livery

gne logo

For the 100th anniversary of Go North East (previously Northern General) they have added 1913 and 2013 logos to each side of the Northern logos and this procedure has been carried out on most vehicles already in Northern livery and all new Northern repaints. Recent vehicles that have received this new version are the ex West Durham Swift OmniCity’s for the 9 and the ex Doxford Clipper MPD’s. The OmniCity’s had logos applied to its brighter red basecoat whereas the MPD’s got completely painted into the livery since they were silver before. 604 is seen on Doxford Clipper service 39 and the OmniCity is seen on the 9.

604 Northern

5274 Northern



  1. Nice nets, an improvement for the MPD is the rear, dont 603/4/5/6 have circular lights rather than the standard rectangle ones, everything else is fine though.

  2. Nice one Keiron, I’m assuming this is number 20 you have done for the dart and the 16 Omnicity. Will the 1913 – 2013 deckers be up for Thursday, or is this this the new northern livery? Either way both very good outcomes.

  3. To Robert,

    Thanks for noticing that, I have never realised this before!


  4. To Marcus,

    I joined this up to become part of the MPD and OmniCity upload, rather than doing a Lolyne or a President in the livery I thought I may as well do the MPD and OmniCity instead,


  5. i work for asda you know, im always happy to help XD

  6. Very logical thinking there Keiron, in one post you have used three nets in the news. Thats not a bad tactic for the future you know.

  7. To Marcus,

    I will keep finding places where posts can be merged as then the list can get a bit shorter.


  8. You could merge Arrivas B5HL and Ecocity since they are both hybrids

  9. To Robert,

    The MAN EcoCity is a gas-powered single decker, it operates exactly the same as a standard diesel bus except that its fuel is compressed gas instead.


  10. Thanks, i didnt know that, with them both been in the same livery i immediately thought they were both hybrids

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