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Henry Cooper Coaches Panther 2


Henry Cooper are a long-standing coaching independent based in Annitsford in Northumberland. They operate a variety of coaching contracts as well as private hire and school services. As well as having a modern fleet of coaches they also own some stagecarriage vehicles, these being 2 Volvo B7RLE / Wright Eclipse 2’s and a rare Plaxton Concept with the other being owned by Go North East. Henry Cooper have a high standard when it comes to the general operation of the company and this is also shown by their eye-catching livery, one which has still got the same features from when it was introduced back in 1926. It features a cream basecoat with orange decoration and then a large swoosh in orange. The newest coach in the fleet is 754 GHO which is a Volvo B9R / Plaxton Panther 2  which is seen below showing off its livery.

754 GHO



  1. Wonderful job Keiron, once again. Sometimes you see a Henry Cooper coach in Beamish museum along with many other coach trip vehicles.

  2. The Shocking news of the retirement of the OK Expressway has made me consider the fact that those Solars may help contribute to new Limes Keiron. One question is popping around in my head though, Crook only has 15 buses, if 4 OK’s go only 11 will remain. Chances are in my opinion the 18 will be rendered useless and those two darts will have their fates sealed. I am actually quite worried, although 5229 will remain for spares with 6038 probably. Do you think Crook is in danger Keiron?

  3. To Marcus

    I am aware of this and 6038 is OK.


  4. To Marcus,

    The thing is Marcus, it didn’t make enough profit sustainably. Throughout the area it serves passengers will use the first bus that turns up and when Arriva branded theirs as ‘the best one’ the locals recognised the Arriva name having operated in the area for many years and therefore trust them more. Even though Go-Ahead’s was more of a high quality and substantially cheaper passengers prefer just to use Arriva. Times have changed and I was very surprised it turned out the way it did. Stuart Gray, a Crook driver has told me on numerous occasions that the 18 makes a good amount of money to stay so its very likely that it will stay. Crook can stay with just the 18 and then the X21 which turns good loadings. In my opinion, if they want any ideas the best would be to reinstate a Bishop Auckland – Metrocentre service as Arriva cut that just to Durham back in October even though it got pretty high loadings on weekends and holidays. They might not keep 5229 there as it is just the same as the other 4 and its pretty new as a reserve considering its newer than the vehicles used! Chester are likely to just send another President or Lolyne to help out.

    As for Crook being in danger, it can quite easily sustain just the 18 and X21. It was just the OK1 that was in danger ever since Arriva started the X1 in competition.


  5. To Daniel Walker,

    Any particular reason your trying to frame as an admin? Before you begin to defend yourself, your IP address matches you, you have submitted your ‘connor dan paper bus’ website in the url box, you have supplied Daniel Walkers email address, your profile picture is the default one and Matthew is on holiday and doesn’t have access to a computer.

    Why did you try and do this?

    Please don’t do this again otherwise I will ban you from making requests as you do submit them all the time as well even though I keep telling you to not.


  6. To Keiron,

    Thanks for the info mate, with Chester due the M1 Solars to replace the Prestiges (and the already withdrawn ones), I think the fleet will be slightly modernised and we can let a Lolyne or 2 go, but not a President, we have far too little and so many drivers like them. Alot of Chester drivers also work at Crook and so see varied work on all routes through Chester. Pat Armstrong for instance works 5 days a week like all drivers, but on her timetable she MUST drive one day for Crook. 5230, 5231, 5232 and 5233 may stand a chance as reserve to help Chester single decker services, but who knows, maybe they might all end of being seperated. In my opinion Hexham and Peterlee are begging on their hands and knees for reserves, and a full size single will do Peterlee good and also following the transfer of the Prestige several TENS have seen varied use as a result of this.

    Daniel Walker,

    If you’re reading this I hope you hang your head in shame, because both Keiron and Matthew have battled family time and sleep to keep SB Websites thriving and to impersonate a man enjoying his hobby is sad, just absolutely sad.

  7. Sorry about this.

  8. Very Good Net,but there is one problem,all the wheels have the front wheels on? but other than that blooming fantastic

  9. I am not the culprit of anything. It is one of my colleagues (Either James, Connor or Jimmi) who tried that. I am sorry for the behavior of my colleagues.

  10. I would never do that. Nor Connor or James. DANIEL WALKER IS THE CULPRIT

  11. To CDJ,

    If you don’t mind me asking, why do ALL FOUR of you use one name. Would it not be more sensible to name yourselves in the case of another incident like this so you are more identifiable. Not only to find the culprit but to also identify you’re innocence.

  12. To CDJ Websites,
    Why don’t whichever one of you who did this own up to it?

  13. To Marcus,

    We use oen name to make us a “company”

    CDJ Websites.

  14. To Keiron,

    In my opinion if Chester are going to help Crook, they will send 3859. 3859 sees very rare use, the reason for this is the majority of Lolynes at Chester are held back in the depot as reserves. Only 5 are needed to operate the X25, occasionally one goes on the 21, but a day isn’t a day without a Lolyne appearance on the 34A or 50. 3859 is also kind of an odd one out, it’s even a monumental occasion to see it on Scholars duties. They wouldn’t send 3803 or 3804 because they are assigned to the X25, but that’s only my guess Keiron, they could just as easily send a Trident President.

  15. To Marcus,

    No bother, with the recent repaint of some Solars already it occured to me that they are plum (like the old Crusader) rather than the dark red that is worn on the Waggonway Prestiges so perhaps the livery is going to be a bit different this time. Yes, I know of Pat and it seems logical that so that they dont have to stable drivers permanently at the outstation.


  16. To Patrick,

    Thanks for noticing, I will change it now.


  17. To CDJ,

    Now, me and Matthew both have seperate accounts so as an admin I can identify this. However, normal viewers can’t see the difference when commenting, therefore we always who the message is from (either from Keiron or Matthew) which allows you to know who you are talking to. Therefore, can you do the same from now on as its very confusing when I am talking to 4 different people with the same name.


  18. To All,

    Can I please close this issue and get back onto topic.


  19. To Marcus,

    Interesting, I never knew the Lolynes were actual reserves however it makes sense since they are the most unreliable.


  20. To Keiron,

    I am honestly surprised you didn’t know that, if you look at some images I will kindly send you (all copyright I think) you will see in the two or three present day ones, at least 3 Lolynes are all parked up in the main garage. Speaking of the garage, a few months ago when I was talking about the visit to Chester, I never got the date so I think it may have been cancelled. Pat is like a role model, she’s always smiling and always got a cheerful mood about her, especially with younger children when they get on her bus. She’s mainly assigned to Unit 1 but does the X22, she actaully had 3983 on the X22 just yesterday. Two of the images I will try and send you a link to are of 9133 when it spent a day or two at Chester and another was taken in c1990 of a Metrobus and National in the main parking area. For more info on reserves, the Trident Presidents are used for that purpose as well but one nearly always goes out on the X22 and the others help on Scholars.

  21. Here you go Keiron,

    This is of the Metrobus and National (and an unidentifiable other vehicle right next to the camera) parked up right smack bam in the middle of the depot:

    Here you have the Versa with 2 Lolyne’s to it’ right hand side and an OK Dart to the left with what WAS a Whey Aye Five 0 parked next to it off camera (the regs are unseen so they too are unidentifiable) :

    Sorry mate I couldn’t find the other one of 9133.

    Hope these are good!

  22. Whoops sorry Keiron I’ve just realised I’ve sent you 2 of the same one in the 1990’s! Here you go! coTwp1-dmmTGi-e8TxKU-e7gWYU-dXijfc-7yHaDg-e5VMaR-7zKB6h-dNUMUJ-bvSWAH-dNMurP-dNTf9u-dNMKop-ebd79A-eb7uCZ-csd3gb-aFdfHR-eb7uit-dnj1Ca-dnj1sD-dnj4vQ-dnj1x6-dnj2kM-dnj4L3-dnj28p-esnphN-eC5M8n-dEqJKT-dEqHZn-dEqJBz-dEqFK8-brxJpZ-btCF6Y-8T3ZJS-9Fria1-9Frhbo-8SZUce-9Frgc1-8SZUWp-8SZVq8-8SZTUZ/

    If you go onto flickr and type ‘chester le street depot’ in the search bar a load of other results with inside depot pics will come up instead of me typing up links.

    Cheers and sorry about the mistake!

  23. To SB Websites (Keiron)

    I am using this strategy right now.

    Jimmi,CDJ Websites

  24. To Marcus,

    I see that from the images, I suppose I never really took much notice but when I think about it nowadays Presidents are seen more often. There was a lineup with the Tees Tyne run where 9133 was lined outside the depot with a Metrobus and National. I’ve got a photo of it on Northern Transport Photos.


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