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GNE TEN Gemini 2

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Go North East invested heavily in new Volvo B9TL / Wright Gemini 2’s this year which saw them being used on the Tyne Tees Express, extras for the Red Arrows and finally for the prestigious West Newcastle Services under the TEN brand. Since Arriva swapped Hexham for Ashington the 602 (now the 10) has grown in custom a lot more than expected which saw the need of double-deckers especially at peak-times. With this in mind if the service was still every 20 minutes with deckers they would be too empty as it wasnt enough for 3 deckers an hour so several service changes came into force. This saw the splitting of the services with the 10 running every 30 minutes from Newcastle to Hexham, the 10A every 30 minutes from Newcastle to Crawcrook and the 10B every 30 minutes from Newcastle to Low Prudhoe or Prudhoe Railway Station. This then combines to a 10 minute service between Crawcrook, Blaydon, Metrocentre and Newcastle. As per the rest of the Gemini fleet, they wi-fi connectivity, sport red leather headrests on the Civic Esteban V3 seats and IBIS next-stop announcements. Also, like the other Gemini operated services they have Gemini 1’s acting as reserves which are in a simplified version of the livery. The arrival of the TEN Gemini’s then allowed the Citaro’s to move to the Crusader service 27 to have the Renown’s in reserve. Here, Gemini 2 6082 is on the 10 and Gemini 3942 is on the 10B.

3942 TEN

6082 TEN



  1. Once again top notch quality! It’s also good to see some of the buses that were added to nets in the news a while back reaching the top of the list to!


  3. Nice net but i would love to know one thing. Why have GNE put the dest as ‘Metrocentre and Hexham’ when it terminates at Hexham not Metrocentre, surely it would be common sense you do: Hexham via Metrocentre…e.t.c

  4. Unbeatable Keiron, I think you deserve a medal for this!

  5. To northtynelinks2 (ik his name on ROBLOX and I always call him that)

    It might be an extended shorts routeso that’s why it might say “Metrocentre And Hexham”

  6. thanks gaffers 😛 but all TEN services terminate at least 5 miles away from the Metrocentre so its not an extended shorts.

  7. It was Mr. alibear 234

  8. it cant of been you cos gaffers is the J, i am gesing the D is hes and you cant possibly be the C since ur name is Jim XD so unless hes (i think) told you the password ur lying

  9. Guys I do believe this is a bus blog concerning bus services and new liveries, not about ROBLOX.

  10. To Keiron,

    I have an idea concerning the New Yellow Bus Livery and Nightingale Palatine, how about, since the Palatine was ex GNE, you put both in one post but over the course of the time it would take to produce both numbers.

  11. To Go North East Bus Fan and CDJ,

    It’s like this as Go North East really push for passengers to use the 10s to the Metrocentre from Newcastle as a ‘Shuttle’ service of sorts. Therefore by having the Metrocentre and Hexham on the destination customers know it serves Metrocentre as that’s a major point on the route. They get a high amount of custom doing this which is why it stayed, when you think logically it makes sense as it just increases the amount of passengers on the vehicles.


  12. To Marcus,

    It would be nice if there were one!


  13. To Marcus,

    After thinking about it I might not as they are separate companies, I usually stick to one if I am going to merge nets but thanks for the idea anyway.


  14. Okay then Keiron, it was honestly just spare of the moment like an old meets the new post. As for what I said earlier, I wish some people would you know, show respect, because this blog was created with the intention of bringing in fellow bus enthusiasts to share news and spread experiences, not for something that should be voiced over Facebookor Twitter etc, it’s not that I am trying to start an argument, it’s just about the fact that it barely relates to the subject at hand.

  15. To Marcus,

    Yeah, I don’t want people abusing the commenting system. As Marcus says, you comment on a post to discuss the net or buses in general, not outside issues.


  16. Sorry, its just that alibear234 or Jim thinks he knows everything, the reason why i asked is because i dont think the 10A and 10B dests say ‘Metrocentre and Rockwood Hill/Low Prudhoe’

  17. To Go North East Bus Fan,

    Thats a good point, I’m not sure why only the 10 wears this display?


  18. To Keiron & Robert,

    Perhaps it might look more attractive and is easier to fit on. Imagine a destination board with 10A Metrocentre and Rockwood Hill, it is a bit of a mouthful. Or maybe because the 10 has a longer journey to make, or even because the 602 maybe has some connection. However I do think it can be established that the Metrocentre comes first because in reality it does, but I must agree with Robert when I say it would be more sensible to put Hexham via Metrocentre. Think about it though Keiron, the X2 coming from Newcastle has Durham FOR Middlesbrough. Durham COMES BEFORE Middlesbrough. Metrocentre COMES BEFORE Hexham. Just my theory though, probably different.

  19. To Marcus,

    That’s a good point, although the X2 uses this since it splits because of new EU regulations at the time.


  20. Personally i think the only reason the X2 has ‘Durham for Middlesbrough’ is because passengers can stay on the service and go to Middesbrough as an X1 eventhough the X2 ends at Durham but it uses the same bus, to be honest im suprised at arriva managing to keep the X1 ad X2 interworking on the same route because thats why Go North East had to say bye to the X8 and the 8 inserworking at Stanley because the route was simply too long and you werejt changing the buses so technically it was classed as 1 big route eventhough it wasseparated into 2.

  21. To Robert,

    Well before it was all the X1, new EU legislation meant that they would have to change layover times and staff changeovers due to new EU legislation but Arriva got around it by splitting the 2 services and interworking them. In my opinion the X2 is pointless as they won’t make money on that end and won’t win any sort of competition along that corridoor simply because theres too many buses. The X2 only stays because the X1 makes so much money.


  22. Yeah, the 21 is more frequent than the X2 so they will probably be getting that to Durham where as the X1 is popular because its the only bus that goes to Middlesbrough from Durham (correct me if im wrong)

  23. To Robert,

    I believe they changed the 21 from Durham every ten minutes to fifteen minutes because passenger numbers were dwindling especially at midday-ish. What repeadedly bugs me is sometimes if a Durham 21 from Newcastle is extremely late it will reach Chester Red Lion and simply turn not in service, dump it’s passengers with the bus infront and go up to the Black Horse to do another run to Newcastle. It simply does my head in, although some good can come out of it as I’ve had 6026 replace 6056, 3965 replace 6060, 4929, yes a WHEY AYE FIVE 0 replace 6068 and unfortunatley 3983 twice when replacing 6064 and 6058 because it was off of 844 duties.

  24. My dad does the 841 so he sees 3983 on a night at the school, apparently it was a rubbish reverser but they got it fixed, anyway the day after it was fixed it wasnt on the 844, apparently its engine blew, rubbish bus

  25. To Robert,

    Well, you cant really compare the X1 with the 21 but I get what you mean and yes its the only service to from Middlesbrough to Durham at the moment.


  26. To Robert,

    It was part of Peter Huntley’s idea of having a service that was simple, the entire route was every 10 minutes with the 24 adding extra journeys in to allow for an increased service up to Low Fell. Although passenger numbers dont really require a 10 minute service between Durham and Chester-le-Street so I prefer the old system they used before which is now currently in action. Yes, I have never liked how GNE abondone services to keep to time, although they do have targets to keep to.


  27. To Robert,

    The Volvo B7TL’s arent very good now, they have had a very hard life working the Tybe Tees Express services and buses are just no built to last like they used to. The service needs coaches ideally as theres no service bus available thats up to the job, the current B9TL’s are starting to sound bad already. Therefore in an ideal world they need their engines replacing and a full refurbishment but there isn’t any point as they are allocated as service reserves and therefore don’t take priority.


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