Posted by: SB Websites | June 20, 2013

Arriva NE Ex Yorkshire ALX300

Arriva Logo

Recently, Arriva Yorkshire gained a huge fleet of Wrightbus Pulsar and Gemini 2’s which allowed them withdraw the DAF SB220 / Alexander ALX300’s. Since the North East has older vehicles than the ALX300’s; a handful were purchased for Ashington and Redcar depots. These are different to the current ALX300’s in operation in Northumbria as they sit on a DAF SB220 chassis unlike the native Volvo B10BLE’s. The Northumbria examples gained a repaint and having standard Hanover LED displays fitted. This differs to the examples in operation at Redcar, which saw them retain the interurban livery that Yorkshire painted and have Hanover Flip-dot destinations fitted instead of the Brightech examples. This was because they were difficult to program when the rest of the fleet uses Hanover systems. They are fleetnumbered in the DAF series being numbered in the early 4000’s and therefore replacing old fleetnumbers. Here is Ashington allocated 4098 R459 KWT whose fleetnumber used to be worn by DAF SB220 / Optare Delta P130 RWR.




  1. Marvellous Creation Keiron (no relation to the new Cadbury’s bars), I would’ve honestly thought the flett number 4098 would have been worn by a DAF Prestige not a DAF Delta, considering the 40 fleet mainly consists of them, I believe the NE fleet starts with 4001 (ex-GNE) up to about 4080 or so.

  2. brilliant yet again!

  3. To Marcus,

    Arriva number their vehicles usually with the date they acquired them so 4098 P130 RWR was secondhand so was added after the Prestiges and Ikarus’.


  4. Unbeatable quality! Keep up the good nets!

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