Posted by: SB Websites | June 17, 2013

Stagecarriage Dart/ALX400/Palatine I


Tees Valley Stagecarriage (not to be confused with the now defunct Tees Valley Coach Travel)  is an independent operating across Teesside that competes with other operators in order to find commercial work, such as the 271. Currently, the company is known as Stagecarriage of Middlesbrough and officially North East Bus. Tees Valley Coach Travel went into liquidation last year after serving the area for many years and it was a shock to many. Therefore all of their services got withdrawn and only a handful were picked up by other operators. Tees Valley Stagecarriage were the company who took over their main services and starting some strong Stagecarriage work. It was unusual that Tees Valley Coach Travel operated more stagecarriage work and Tees Valley Stagecarriage operated more coaching contracts!. The main services they took over were the 87/87A and 87B linking Stockton, Billingham and Eaglescliffe which got decent loads and combined to every 2o minutes. Tees Valley Stagecarrige operated the service the same until they cut the service hugely due to ‘poor loadings’ even though they carried loads which appeared to be healthy. Now, there is only the 87A linking Stockton and Longnewtown every hour with relatively short operating hours. Despite these cuts, their PVR increased so quite a few vehicles were acquired; these came in the form of 2 ex Stagecoach London Dennis Trident / Alexander ALX400’s, 1 ex Go North East Dennis Dart SLF / Super Plaxton Pointer and 6 ex Go North East Volvo Olympian / Northern Counties Palatine 1’s. Therefore here is Palatine R396 LGH painted all over red by Stagecarriage looking very smart, Dennis Dart V210 ERG in ex Northern Livery (if you look carefully the logos can still be seen!) working the 87A for which it is allocated to and needing a bit of a tidy up and then X279 NNO working the old 87B and painted in all over red Stagecarriage livery.

R396 LGH

V210 ERG

X279 NNO



  1. The stagecarriages alx400 are dual doors, not single but still very good!!! That exact bus was running the 87b today, which is normally run by a palatine or a Ps

  2. Splendid job Keiron, I’m finally glad to see the TEN, the new Northern and the new yellow bus livery nearing the top of the nets in the news.

  3. To Ben,

    Thanks for that, I have not seen them in person yet plus there are no nearside photos so thats why I made them single-door. This has been changed now.


  4. To Marcus,

    Thanks, yes the more newsorthy nets are getting closer now.


  5. your very welcome!

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