Posted by: SB Websites | June 13, 2013

Stanley Travel Enviro 200


Stanley Travel are a large independent based in Stanley in County Durham. They operate a wide variety of Scholar and workplace based contracts as well as standard Nexus contracts in Tyne and Wear and commercial routes around Stanley. They also have a large coach fleet as well as their successful taxi business.  Their fleet mostly consists of Dennis Minibuses however they also do own an ALX400 and some Olympians which are always available for hire. Their coaches consist of mainly Plaxton ranging from the Cheetah to a Plaxton Panther 2. They are most famous for their circular services around Stanley which are numbered 706 and 707 which compete in some areas with rival operator Hunters. Newly acquired for this service is a Alexander-Dennis Enviro 200 Dart and is odd in the fact that it has a flip-dot screen. It is registered MH07 EPY and wears the companies standard livery of white and red. Here it is blinded for the 707 to Stanley.




  1. The livery is a bit blank(not a bad thing), StanleyTravel could have gone with dark red and white, please reply

  2. I actually like it

  3. great work kieron keep it up you have come a long way since the start of the blog and made people happy. also could you send me all the blank nets please as they was on my computer and it broke so i have none now if you could this would be great

  4. To CDJ,

    I like the livery, they are a white based company, have been since day one so its just part of their heritage.


  5. To Swanline,

    Thanks, the blog will be 5 years old in November! I will send you the nets tomorrow night if I remember.


  6. Keiron,why are requests not being taken as they are blank?

  7. wow time flys so quick! and ok thanks mate ill remind you

  8. but it could be a little more “striking” and “wow”.

  9. To Keiron,

    Once again unbuyable quality. Could I ask, what was the VERY first post you ever made on this blog?


  10. To CDJ,

    There are over 15 nets queued up in the Nets in the News section so these will take priority for the next couple of weeks just until it becomes a bit shorter.


  11. To CDJ,

    Not every operator has to have a high quality livery, you will find up here in the North East most independent operators have simplistic but smart liveries. Yes, from an enthusiast point of view a striking livery improves perceptions of a company however they all have great customer satisfaction ratings so why spend thousands of pounds on hiring a designer to create an eye-catching livery and apply it just to make enthusiasts feel happy. Not everyone notices the quality of the vehicle and many companies don’t have the finance to pay for it. In my opinion any livery can look good if its applied well and the vehicle is clean, the logos are straight and applied properly, its clear and gives them an identity which is the sole purpose of a livery.


  12. To Marcus,

    Thanks, many of the first posts were removed as they mainly contained nets of my now closed company called ‘Orangana Travel Group’. The first real net as of which has the trend of todays nets was the original Centurion on a Wright Cadet in 2010 so a large chunk of it has gone plus the quality of the nets has improved a lot and they weren’t up to the standard.


  13. could you send them me asap please

  14. To Swanline,

    Thanks for reminding me, they are being sent now.


  15. Can you publish the posts of your fictional buses? I wanna see them.

  16. To CDJ Websites,

    I have gone through the services and reduced the PVR which has now allowed me to decide which vehielces are being sold or retained and therefore which ones are going into DDS livery. Until they are in livery and final decisions a post wont be published. I would imagine you will see an update next week.


  17. My dad works for this company in real life, he usually drives R7 STX and does some school work for St.Thomas More in Blaydon.

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