Posted by: SB Websites | June 3, 2013

Southern Vectis Plaxton President


Plymouth Citybus were not the only Go-Ahead group operator to purchase secondhand Volvo B7TL / Plaxton Presidents. Southern Vectis purchased a small batch from London General with 51 plates for services around Newport. They work alongside the existing Plaxton President fleet but don’t look the part compared to their fixed glazing cousins. They wear the company’s standard livery of two-tone green and retain the dual-door arrangement. PL51 LDN is seen here below working service 9 showing off the attractive livery.




  1. This looks great and thanks for doing this for me! I saw most members of the Southern Vectis fleet on my recent trip to the Isle of Wight and indeed I saw this one.


  2. May I request a paperbus post for the new Reading Buses Greenwave and Scarlet 9? Pictures are here:
    Reading Buses: 07.05.13
    Reading Buses: 07.05.13
    Scarlet 9:

    Please note: Nearside does not say Scarlet9 on the side.

  3. great work …. now the request section is free again can i request stagecoach yorkshire 33232 in magic bus livery please?
    Stagecoach33232 1901HE
    Stagecoach Yorkshire (Magic Bus 22) - Dennis Dart SLF / East Lancashire Spryte - 33231 (1901 HE)

  4. To Keiron,

    Once again a superb ability shown. I’ve been meaning to post a comment about something I saw on Saturday the 25th May. At Chester South Burns, I saw an AEC Routemaster! I got a tour of the entire bus and even got to sit in the driver’s cab for a fiver. It pulled away shortly after until I saw it again at the Riverside Park, just as I got within ten feet of it, it pulled away. On the 887 earlier today, I was baffled to see it inside Chester depot, just sitting there. The 887 was strangely labelled the 877 today for some unknown reason. In the maintenance department, (actually you may want this for an update on the North East Bus News website), an EXTREMELY badly damaged Waggonway Prestige was parked up and lonely. The front lights had been completely smashed up, the front few side windows were put through, the drivers cab was smashed in and the front windscreen was totally smashed beyond repair, basically it had been half destroyed. Earlier, about an hour again now, I did see 4896 working the 28A so that was probably ironic.

    Thanks mate and keep up the fab work!

  5. TO CDJ Websites,

    No you can’t as requests arent being accepted.


  6. To Swanline,

    As stated before, you must wait till I requests are open (which they are not) until you can sumbit a request. (which you can’t).


  7. To Marcus,

    Was it Northern 2099 as that’s been hovering around the North East celebrating the centenary of Go North East.


  8. All requests are DONE

  9. To Keiron,

    It was indeed, the destination blind stated ’73 Euston Station’. Speaking of ‘Northern’, Chester have put a banner up outside the far right entrance in the old ‘Northern’ styling used in the 70’s and 80’s. That poor Prestige is still parked in it’s possible death-space. Bev says it’s had a good run over the years and may end off being euthanised. Albeit when all the Prestige’s get replaced by M1 Solars (It’s a long story mate, I’ve posted a comment on the Tyne Trail about it), we should get sorted out and modernised. RIP poor DAF 😦

  10. ah right okay thanks anyway

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