Posted by: SB Websites | May 30, 2013

Pygalls Caetano Nimbus / EL200


One operator that has recently commenced commercial stage-carriage work is Peterlee based Pygall’s Coaches who began service 230 running from Sunderland to Hartlepool.  The service only operates the full return length twice a day and one journey one way with other trips only terminating at Horden from Hartlepool. The vehicle being used on the service also operates a school journey which stops short at Horden from Hartlepool. At the introduction of the service a Dennis Dart SLF / Caetano Nimbus was purchased and gained small Pygall’s logos and was almost a 40 seater with being 10m in length. However this was then sold and their Dennis Dart / East Lancs EL200 was then used and gained promotional posters for the 230 service. Both of which are shown below showing the new and old livery variation.

N755 OYR

W424 WRE



  1. That EL200… UGH

  2. don’t you think you should start weathering?

  3. It looks DISGUSTING. But nevertheless,good Nimbus

  4. To Keiron,

    Both very good nets, once again you’ve proven yourself to be the best. I thought you said you were only going to do one net per list number. However the title of this page is Nimbus/EL200 so I guess that’s why. Good job mate, keep it up!

    To CDJ,

    Huh? I think the EL200 looks just as good as the Nimbus, it’s nice to see old buses brought back into the spotlight. Mind, weathering is actually a good idea, especially for older bodied buses. I thought Keiron did a decent job, on both buses. It has amazingly taken you four comments to express your opinions.

  5. Oh, we have 4 peeps on this account.

  6. To CDJ,

    Sorry, my mistake.

  7. To CDJ Websites,

    I have considered it, perhaps I will start adding rust or general wear and tear now and again on the older vehicles where it is present.


  8. when will request start being accepted?

  9. To Daryl,

    Not all the requests have been finished for a start however you will be able to give requests when I say so which could be anytime as the Nets in the News section currently has over 26 and they will take priority for the next couple of weeks. Therefore it could be anytime, just be patient.


  10. cheers

  11. how about fume build up, resulting in particles clinging on to the bus(can be achieved using spray can on Paint and custom colour editing)?

  12. To CDJ,

    I can do that however the spray tool in Paint is rubbish and gives a pixelated edge but I will find a way around it. Could use PaintShopPro or even Paint.NET to add fading muck/grime/rust.


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