Posted by: SB Websites | May 27, 2013

First Greater Manchester E400


First took hold of the transport services for the 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games held in London by organising, planning the events and even operating some of the services themselves (many of which were operated on behalf of First). They operated it on such a large-scale and with the highest efficiency levels that it gained an operational loss but they still managed to transport all gamewatchers and players around the site throughout the entirety of the Olympic and Paralympic games. Many new vehicles were bought for the ‘Shuttle’ division including a large batch of ADL Enviro 400’s which were then all displaced throughout the country to replace older vehicles in the other divisions after the games finished. These were painted in the new standard livery and one of these was SN12 AOD which was sent to the Greater Manchester division and branded for service 409.




  1. Fantastic Net! One question, what font did you use for the Greater Manchester logo, or was it a graphic imported across from another picture?

  2. This… Is better than I was hoping for! Great job Keiron, I love it. Check out and check out some of the nets I made.

    Btw, the graphical font is amazing on the side, looks like the real thing!


  3. fantastic work!

  4. I’m gonna convert this into the Olympics bus it was.

  5. Wow… it is just… wow.

  6. Top notch and exactly like the real thing! 10/10 from me

  7. To Alex,

    No font was used, I made all the logos myself.


  8. To robloxrocks919,

    Your welcome and thanks, I’m very proud of it actually as it does look very smart.


  9. To All,

    Thanks everyone, it does look smart.


  10. This is the request list atm:
    1.First 33744 SN12AOD
    2.Southern Vectis PL51 LDN
    The current “1” is supposed to be the current “2”

  11. This is epic! Well done Keiron, you are officially in the Book of Bus Beasts! Oh and BTW the classic olympus has already been done but is still at the top of the nets in the news list.

    Congrats mate,

  12. To Marcus and CDJ Websites,

    Thanks for noticing, it has been changed now.


  13. I must say; 100(No typo, I do mean one hundred)/10!
    From Dan

  14. Keiron, could I have permission to use this for my website, but remove all logos and maybe re-colour.

    If not, it’s okay, I’ll attempt to make one like this. It’ll be hard though, because you’re epic at making these.

    From Connor & Jacks PaperBus Nets

  15. To robloxrocks919,

    You may use the net but I cant let you use the livery as thats basically copying. You can still use it a basis though and thanks for asking before using it unlike others.


  16. Could I also use this net as a basis for some of my liverys please? Full aknowlagement will be given including the creativ

  17. Commons licence logo and the livery and reg will be removed.

  18. Okay Keiron, thats good enough. Thank you very much.


  19. To Newcastle North Eastern Buses,

    Removing the information that the net is appropriate so I cannot allow you to do this.


  20. I meant that I would keep the creative commons licence and your aknowlagement but never mind. I get where I havn’t been clear as I explained it in two comments. Sorry if I have confused you

  21. To Newcastle North Eastern Buses,

    That’s fine then, no problem and yes I got slightly confused with your post.


  22. please may i ask what font is used for the destination display?

  23. To Adam,

    I use Tahoma Size 7 Bold usually however I edit them and draw them myself most of the time.


  24. Hi! Dan here, for windows 7, I always get the blur effect on the sides of the text. Any help please?

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