Posted by: SB Websites | May 23, 2013

Classic Optare Olympus


Classic Coaches operate a variety of coach holidays and contracts as well as private hires and have been in the North East for many years and were remembered by many with their red and gold livery. This was until the TGM group became part of the Arriva Group where a refresh was carried out including the livery being changed to white and simplistic blue logos and banners that doesn’t have the same feel as striking red and gold livery. The fleet mostly consists of coaches but one oddity is a triaxle Optare Olympus. This was purchased from the TGM Group after one of Classic’s Van Hool Astromega’s set on fire and was acquired as a replacement. It is seen painted in the new standard livery and wearing branding the size of the vehicle.




  1. I used to see this bus on School duties, Well done for this excellent net!

  2. To NewcastleNorthEasternBuses,

    Thanks, it was a shame the Astromega went up in flames however it’s nice to see an Olympus in the North East, the only one as well.


  3. By hey Keiron, this is one good net! I must say the design of the bus itself is quite strange, especially having six wheels. Keep it up matey!


  4. To Marcus,

    Thanks, they are very rare in the North East; in fact this is the only Olympus in the region.


  5. i see this on the NDA scool duties every day and this is an excellent net, my only improvement for it is the TGM logo is missing on the front.

  6. Mortons of Little London have five of these,any chance of doing one?

  7. To CDJ,

    Nope, as requests arent being accepted.


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