Posted by: SB Websites | May 20, 2013

Plymouth Citybus Plaxton President


After Plymouth Citybus was handed down from its municipal status it became part of the Go-Ahead Group keeping its name but receiving a Go-Ahead standard refresh. This involved a corporate identity being rolled out along with the introduction of the Key Smartcard as well a fleet upgrade.  A new striking livery was introduced with a red and dark red separated by a curved white swoop which was the standard repaint for some time until recently where the livery was simplified and now only has a white swirl across the plain red base colour. New vehicles included Volvo B7RLE’s with Wright Eclipse 2 bodywork but also Plaxton Presidents cascaded from London which received the new livery and some promotional advertising. Here, W509 WGH shows off the new variant of the livery.

W509 WGH



  1. Nice net!

  2. lovely

  3. Once again Keiron a superb net!

  4. Nice job Keiron, wasn’t expecting this one. I’m guessing you’re gonna do one at a time for both lists, you’ve only got two to go for the requests!

    Fab work once again,

  5. SWEET!

  6. To Marcus,

    That is usually the way it works yes.


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