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gne logo

As well as the contracts Go North East operate on behalf of Nexus there are also others provided by businesses such as npower and in this case the NHS. QE Hospital is having a new emergency centre constructed and during this time it is necessary to provide more car parking space in another location close to the site and therefore a short ‘Park and Ride’ service is provided. It has a PVR of 2 and has 2 Transbus Mini Pointer Darts which are painted white with some vinyls advertising the service. 563 NK53 TLN is in the livery here below showing the simple but effective branding.

563 QEH Staff Shuttle



  1. Lovely

  2. Bit plain, but oh well.

  3. This is great! I wasn’t expecting much of a livery and I’m not suprised that GNE chose blue for the text

  4. Good job Keiron! It’s nice to see Go North East can make use out of even the smallest of things, they are actually quite nice buses all things considered!

  5. What’s wrong with you an Blank/Plain bus nets???? CDJ Websites its not on! I bet you can’t do anything as good as what keiron can do!

  6. by the but oh well, I meant THE DETAIL COUNTERED IT!

  7. can I hire one of your SS&S buses? Presumably the youngest one.

  8. To CDJ Websites,

    SS&S ceased trading so vehicles are surplus. I have a variety of ex London Presidents and ALX400’s, which one would you like?


  9. Are DDS still trading?

  10. To Dan,

    Durham District Services are still trading yes and hopefully there should be a post about it this week.


  11. just any on hire please! it does not matter.

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