Posted by: SB Websites | May 13, 2013

Scarborough Park and Ride Centro


Scarborough has 2 park and ride sites toward the South of the Town on the Seamor Road and Filey Road. Scarborough and District operate the 64 and 165 services which both operate up to every 15 minutes using 5 Volvo B7RLE / Plaxton Centro’s. They are painted in a white basecoat with eye-catching wave circles giving the service a modern feel. 364 YX58 CWE is seen in the livery working service 64.




  1. great work yet again i need some park and ride buses for my fleet if your interested in doing a livery?

  2. Nice Net!

  3. Bravo and bing bong! Top notch!

  4. Excellent job Keiron! Once again you’ve done us all proud!


  5. Hi Keiron, is this part of your Company???

  6. To Swanline,

    Thanks however I will just stick to creating nets for real life and my own company.


  7. ok and when is the next update for your company?

  8. great work, I have seen these in person and its just like it! one thing is that round the wheels they have some brush type things around the wheel arcs
    its can be seen on this pic
    Scarborough & District 364, YX58 CWE (1)

  9. this may be pretty obvious or pretty obscure but seamer road P&R site is on the A64 hence the route number 64 and the filey road P&R site is on the A165 hence the route number 165. Just a little fact for you just incase you didnt know 🙂

  10. To Swanline,

    I am not sure as of yet but I aim to have to up later this week.


  11. To IJTravel2711,

    Thanks, I’m glad you noticed that and I will add them tomorrow.


  12. Hi Keiron

    cant wait to see it.


  13. To GoNorthEastBusFan,

    I was aware of this although the numbers at first glance do seem out of the ordinary.


  14. ok keiron

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