Posted by: SB Websites | May 9, 2013

Scarlet Band Enviro 200

Scarlet Band are a medium-sized independent operating across County Durham and operate a large majority of the subsidised bus services. Back in October, Durham County Council reshuffled all the tenders and services allowing for companies to bid for the services again. Scarlet Band won most of them making their PVR increase by over 10 although this did not make much of a difference as in the next month all their Darlington Contracts were being withdrawn. To cope with the increase they purchased further secondhand Optare Solo’s and then began to loan 9 Enviro 200 Darts. Some of which have returned to the lessor because of the services being cut in Darlington. All the E200’s are painted plain white with small Scarlet Band logos applied to the front and rear. Here MX10 DXK is working contracted service 58 linking Durham and Hartlepool through villages such as Quarrington Hill, Cassop, Thornley and Wheatley Hill.




  1. Boo! Too basic. 😦 Thumbs down.

  2. To CDJ,

    They are on loan therefore not much livery applications have been made.


  3. CDJ,

    There’s no point in dissing this, because Keiron can do much better than you.


  4. of Jack and Connor’s paper bus nets.

  5. To Keiron,

    Well done once again, I do hope Scarlet Band paint these into a nicer livery, nothing gets on my nerves more than something plain, unless it’s a standard fleet livery. But, congrats mate this is pretty good, it’s nice to see you make a variety of Scarlet Band nets, not only are they nice to piece together when printed but it gives the smaller independants some recognition.

    To CDJ,

    Like Keiron has said, don’t take this too harshly, but it appears everyone is against your negative comments. Now, I try to always be positive, sometimes that is really hard, but you, to me, are like a bus driver repeatedly on duty bug everyone. I have no interest in being a moderator like Keiron or Matthew, but I am just asking you to ease the peddle off. I know when you posted the first comment on this page you were talking about the real life livery not Keiron’s net, but you seriously need to give it a rest. Keiron is a very busy man, I don’t personally know him but I can tell he has a busy life. He has a job, like nearly everyone, or some line of work for the day, and his entire life is not devoted to this website. And thats another thing, SB websites has about another FIVE websites, shared between Keiron and Matthew. If you posted a negative comment every minute of the day, they would be up to their eyeballs in replies, or in fact, they will get that sick of it . I can wait almost a week before I get a reply, but that doesn’t bother me. I am just asking you to take Keiron’s and the likes of Connor’s advice.

    I’m sorry if I have upset you in any way and I apologise if I have.

    Cheers anyway guys,

  6. Last time i saw a scarlet band bus it was a very noisy optare solo, nice to see them improving their fleet. Great paperbuses by the way.

  7. Nice looking net here keiron 🙂 Hope to be uploading another net sometime this week my self… Been creating my own Peter Fray style bus nets for my self! Curently working on ADL models & Plaxton models too

  8. CDJ Websites,
    I Strongly Agree With Marcus, People Do Not Want To Read Negative Comments. Keiron Does Nets In The News. If You Think So Stringly Against It Then Ask Scarlet Band Why The Livery Is So Plain. Keiron Does These To Please People. I Am Sure Everyone Agrees That Some Things Should Be Keept Quiet, Such As Your Dislikes For This Net. People Do Not Nesicerily Want To Know. I Actually Like This Net As The Livery Makes The Bus Look Different From What It Looks Like In Other Liverys

  9. To Marcus,

    Like I say they are on long-term loan so livery applications isn’t value for money as they are quite expensive. Plus the time taken to paint them isn’t viable for the amount of services they operate. Although Scarlet Band paint them with simple paintbrushes giving it a matt finish.


  10. To Ben,

    The vehicles themselves are in good condition, I imagine it just had its cooling fan on making the loud sound you refer to.


  11. To CDJ Websites

    To be honest, I’d like to see you do some really good nets as Keiron produces some incredible nets! I hope you feel bad for what you Said! Keiron this is really good so keep up the good work and don’t let this put you down!

  12. To Everyone,

    Im not intimidated by anyone in doing these nets as it’s my interest and I will continue to create them whether people like them or not!

    As for the topic can we end this here please and get back on track.


  13. Please note: For those who love trains and buses, I have a gift for you (or 2) on my website!

  14. To CDJ,

    If my comment was a bit harsh and overreactive I’m sorry.

    Mates eh?

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