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Stagecoach in Wirral Eclipse


With the sale of the Wirral operations from First and Stagecoach’s already heavy presence in the North West; Stagecoach’s operations expanded and led to a new division being set up named Stagecoach in Wirral. Since the sale was from First, many of the vehicles are Volvo’s which they have then inherited making the division rather interesting. Vehicles transferred include many Volvo B7RLE’s, Wright Renowns, Alexander Royales and Volvo Olympians. Stagecoach then purchased a small batch of ADL Enviro 200’s to withdraw some of the Olympians with the rest of the fleet still being made of mainly Volvo’s. The repaints and refurbishments were undertaken across many depots; some of which went as far north as Carlisle; and led to the vehicles gaining an internal refurbishment, the fitting of front Hanover destination equipment and a repaint into Stagecoach standard livery. However the repaint of the B7RLE’s are different as the first few received the later ADL Single-Deck style repaint with no front swirl leaving a rather plain look although this was then favoured for the more eye-catching standard livery that is used everywhere else in the country. Here YK53 GXJ numbered 21249 shows off the short-lived simplistic livery working the service 2 linking Chester and Liverpool with the poorly applied Megarider and Dayrider offers being evident on the nearside windows.




  1. nice!

  2. Love it!

  3. At First I Couldn’t Tell If It Was Really A Solar Or An E300 Dressed Up! May I Just Ask, What ALX 400s Have SNE Got As I Can’t Find Any Record Of Any Other Than Last Years Loans From Scotland For Olympic Cover. They Went Back To Scotland Last Year So I Don’t Know Which ALX 400s SNE Have Got.

  4. great work like always and are you going to do stagecoach wirrals alexander royale thats in full beachball

  5. Nice one Keiron, you need to remove some text from the Request list! 🙂 Also once the request list is finished, you could do ADL Enviro 200 Demo YX62 FDG and was in operation with Impera Bus or put this in your nets in the NEWS! 🙂

  6. Well done Keiron!

    You are rapidly going through both lists now! I hope with the ‘free time’ you have now you can reach numbers 12 and 24 some time soon! If I could just inquire, will you be doing a northern refurbished trident president and a northern refurbished lolyne? It’s just the lolyne appears to be one of the big victims of the new livery, as does the plaxton president. I just think it would be nice to have a northern trident as 3886 has been done in the say yes now livery. I have just one more question Keiron, for number 24 will you be doing both 3803 and 3804, because if you get up close to them, you will realise their stickers are NOT identical, 3804 has slightly more than 3803 and the patterns are slightly different. Anyway, keep it up with the frequent updates Keiron!

    No pressure mate!

  7. Can you do a Reading Buses Greenwave bus? Photos:
    Reading Buses: 07.05.13
    Make sure that the bus meets these requirements: Number: 406 registration plate: YR13PNJ Rear panel: GreenPark Discover Better
    Destination: 50 Central Reading and Station
    from Dan

  8. To Dan,

    It does look odd with it being simplistic and somethin I don’t really like as I believe the front should have the lighter blue as Enviro’s do.

    As for ALX400’s, the Newcastle division did indeed recieve some during the Olympics but these obviously returned however the Stockton division is gaining some ALX400’s on a Dennis Trident to replace their Olympians which are arriving slowly. Stagecoach North East have not had ALX400’s for quite some time now as the division has over 100 Enviro 400’s which displaced the older ALX400’s to other areas of the UK.


  9. To Swanline,

    No, unless someone requests when requests are permitted,


  10. To mb148,

    The Nets in the News section is primarily for the North East since all of the SB Websites are focused here. Also, you can only submit a request when requests are being accepted and when the list is empty.


  11. To Marcus,

    Yes it is a lot easier to have the time to create the nets now with updates appearing published at 9:00am every Monday and Thursday. As for the nets I will just choose a random one when it comes to making the net and it will only be one per one.


  12. To CDJ Websites,

    If I obtained £1 every time you submitted a request at the wrong time I would be a millionaire.


  13. Okay, do u know how long that’ll be?

  14. To CDJ Websites,

    Don’t take it the wrong way it was just because I am getting a bit sick and tired of telling you the same thing time and time again. All you have to do is check the Update on Requests to see if you can submit a request. Its a relatively simple process, my messages are becoming so repetitive that the comments engine explains how I have duplicated a message.

    Thanks and please take my advice.
    Happy Paperbussing.


  15. i might consider requesting that keiron when request are ready

  16. To CDJ Website’s I Will have a crack at that Reading Buses Gass Bus! 🙂 Hope it will turn out as you wanted it…

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