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Lothian Buses Volvo 7900


A new vehicle to hit the UK Market is the 7900 from Scandinavian Volvo Bus and Coach. It is a full size 12m single deck powered by Hybrid Technology and is ideal as an alternative to the Enviro 350H hybrid for companies that primarily standardise with Volvo. It is also a cheaper alternative to the Gas-Powered Scania / Enviro 300 and the MAN EcoCity when applying for the Green Bus Fund. This is the first time a Volvo Integral has been released as up until now they have provided chassis for the bodybuilders such as Wright, Plaxton and MCV. With the introduction of the new vehicle to the UK market there have been 2 companies that have examples now in operation; these being First Essex and Lothian Buses. Lothian Buses have a fleet of 10 allocated to Route 1 which serves the Clermiston area of South West Edinburgh, through the City Centre and then terminating on Easter Road in the Leith area to the East of the City operating every 15 minutes. The Volvo 7900’s are fitted with white LED equipment (as per all of Lothian’s new hybrid vehicles) and Wi-Fi connectivity allowing passengers to get the most out of the new vehicles. They are painted in the ‘Hybrid’ version of the Lothian Buses livery with a gold/sandstone colour replacing the usual white and the application of ‘eco’ before the Lothian Buses logo. Here, number 5 and registered SN13 BDF is working the 1 service toward the Clermiston area of Edinburgh.




  1. Your Right This Is A Suprise! And A Great Net!
    I Didn’t Even Know About This Bus’ Existance. At 9.00 On The Dot I Was Waiting For The Net And Here It Is. I Sure Must Get Myself Up To Edinburgh And Travel On Route 1

  2. Nice looking bus

  3. Nice looking bus, I was in Edinburgh sometime last year for the while visiting my relative’s but these didn’t exist then!

  4. Awesome net!

  5. Wow, great job, I love these new Lothian Volvo’s!

  6. Absolutely gobsmacked by the detail of this.

  7. wow it’s a brilliant net and livery

  8. Fantastic net! As an Edinburgh local, I can say it is remarkable in resemblance to the real thing. However, I must correct your blurb. So far, only Hybrid buses have recieved White LED equipment. All other new buses retain the traditional roller blinds.

  9. can I have a blank version?

  10. Nice one Keiron, I must be honest, the lack of 7900’s in the north east really bugs me, because I think they are fairly nice buses!

    Can’t wait for the next upload!

  11. To Everyone,

    Thanks for the kind words, since I now have more time on my hands the BLOG will get back to how it used to be update wise.


  12. To Alex,

    Thanks for the information, I will change it now.


  13. To CDJ Websites,

    Sorry, I don’t supply any blank nets regardless of the creator.


  14. To Marcus,

    No-one would buy them up here as Arriva and GNE have got their hybrids and Stagecoach are getting E350H’s for South Shields.


  15. THREE companies have these 7900Hs;Lothian,First Essex and First Berkshire.

  16. To Keiron,

    Despite being extremely modern, eyecatching, eco friendly and the extreme detail applied in the real world and paper net world, I must say the body doesn’t suit me. Although the 7900 is from Scandinavia and they have different designs to us, personally all things considered they just don’t suit my taste. I can imagine they will be nice to ride on, but one thing I have learnt from my driver friends is, a bus is either nice to drive and horrible to ride on or nice to ride on but horrible to drive. For example, the Palatine’s are every Chester driver’s dream to drive, however when I turn the corner at hometime and see 3825 on the 887 for the hundreth time it really annoys me.

    Another, but on the opposing side, is the lolyne. Now I have nothing against lolynes and they don’t irratate me in the slightest, but Cath, Les, Tony, pretty much every driver who’s driven the 887 tells me they have horrible braking systems, terrible driving cabs with confined spaces and their reliability is appauling.

    Besides all that Keiron, I think you’ve done a superb job on this bus net and I can’t wait for the next upload, I especially need the new northern livery and the key mobile lolynes to complete my Chester depot diorama.

    Cheers Keiron,

  17. It’s was the total opposite for me and school routes. I used to see the Kenton School buses and in the evening one of them was quite often the Tyne Tees Express Gemini 1 reserve. Once GNE sent a Gemini 2 from Tyne Tees Express for a school service. I can’t remember when this happened but i have a pic of the Gemini 2 at the school. I never traveled on school buses and i don’t know any drivers but i have been in the cabs of buses at rallys. I remember that i once went in the cab of an E200 and I couldn’t understand what any of the controls did (because i don’t understand how vehicles work and how to drive them as it has never interested me, I just stick to spotting them, riding on them and making paper buses)
    In general i like the 7900 design but then i dislike other buses such as the lolynes and ALX300s (hence why i’m getting rid of them from my paper bus company)

  18. To Dan,

    Me and you have lots in common. 3962 and 3965 are seeing frighteningly regular use on morning Scholars services. 3962 I had on Scholars 884 and 3965 on Scholars 886, and that was last week! I also have had 6070 on Scholars 884, I was thrilled and took dozens of snaps. I am pleased 4993 has been withdrawn, withdrawing a bus is like putting down a dog. 4988 wasn’t a personal favourite of mine, although I was pleased at the internal refurbishment. 4894 was my favourite withdrawn prestige, just the feel of riding on it was good for me. I only experienced riding 4895 once on the 34, all Prestige’s rattle and shake, I wish one company would stand up, remove the old Alison engines and throw them all away, I would give them my life savings! (Which just for the record, I am only a teenager and only have about a tener in my pocket)
    When I was a young’un (I am so well known at Chester depot that nearly all the drivers know my name but sometimes forget, so they know me by young’un), I used to call lolynes sad buses because they look like they have a frown. I could give you a list of driver numbers and names if you’re interested.


  19. can I PLEASE have a copy for a First Berkshire one?

  20. To CDJ,

    I don’t think Keiron can give out blank nets at all because of copyright or the creative commons licence.


  21. true, but as I do, I will give credit.

  22. Good Work,
    heres my First Essex Version (1)

  23. correction

  24. To CDJ,

    Oh, I see. Still, seeing as Keiron has refused many others in the past, I doubt he will cut corners in your case because then others will think it’s unfair and then they will be bothering him for blank nets, even if they too will give credit.


  25. To Jim,

    Thanks for that, I assumed all of First’s were in the same division.


  26. To Marcus,

    I really like the Volvo 7900 but I also have a thing for European vehicles so I am accustommed to the differing styling compared to English ones. I agree with that and vehicles have a great sense of variety between them allowing drivers and enthusiasts to find problems with particular models.


  27. To CDJ Websites,

    I’ve already said it once and I’m not saying it again.


  28. To CDJ,

    No point in repeating myself here.


  29. To CDJ,

    You are welcome to take the net of the blog and debrand it yourself and use it in another location as long as the license is shown as well as the copyright information.


  30. To YR Paperbus,

    Very nice, looks the part.


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