Posted by: SB Websites | April 29, 2013

Newcastle Airport Plaxton Centro


Out of the many small fleets around the North East of England, one of the lesser known is the Newcastle International Airport fleet. Until recently they had a fleet of 3 Dennis Darts, one with a Marshall Capital body and 2 with Caeteno Compass bodies. Although, they purchased a 59 plate MAN 14:240 / Plaxton Centro from Supertravel when they fell through. It has since been painted into their standard livery of purple and white and numbered it BUS 4 but unusually still wears it’s License Plate ‘MX59 KUE’ unlike the others which are simply registered as BUS 1 or BUS 3 and so on. Here, MX59 KUE is seen the in the livery working the shuttle service between the terminal and the Long Stay Car Park.




  1. very nice mate!

  2. Well in Keiron! I’m going on holiday next month and we’re flying from Newcastle so I might get a good look at some of these.

    Keep up the good work mate,

  3. To Marcus,

    Yes its certainly an interesting fleet considering its small size.


  4. Keiron, great work once again. I think DDS or SS&S could run an airport service and how are the two companies going and you have not posted anything for a wile?


  5. I’m going to start up a non stop Newcastle Eldon Square to Newcastle Airport shuttle bus as this net has inspired me to run Airport services.

    This is an excellent net!

  6. Very nice! This has inspired me to run my own Airport service

  7. To NewcastleNorthEasternBuses,

    Thanks, I suppose there is a gap in the market as the only other frequent direct service from Newcastle is part of the Tyne and Wear Metro service.


  8. Paper bus route is what I’ll do. Could I put the logo at the top of this post on my net?

  9. To NewcastleNorthEasternBuses,

    You are free to make your site however you like just please ensure it doesn’t look like mine as it causes confusion for which blogs are part of our SB Websites group.


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