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Transdev Lancashire

Transdev lancashire

Transdev Lancashire trading as Lancashire United operate many services across Lancashire with express routes linking Lancashire to areas such as Manchester. As they are part of the Transdev Group vehicle movements are likely and with the introduction of new Volvo B9TL / Wright Gemini 2 for the Yorkshire CoastLiner services the old Volvo B7TL / Wright Gemini 1’s have replaced the Plaxton Presidents that were used on the Lancashire Way Service X41. The X41  is an express service linking Blackburn to Manchester via Accrington every 30 minutes and the Gemini’s are painted in the attractive Lancashire United livery wearing ‘the Lancashire way’ decals instead of the Lancashire United branding. 401 YJ04 LYG shows off the livery working service X41 toward Blackburn.




  1. Nice Paint Job

  2. nice net this! btw v209ebv what’s up with your website ?

  3. How come?

  4. erm doesn’t seem to let me into your website???

  5. To V209 EBV and mb148,

    V209 EBV’s website requires you to be ‘accepted’ to view it.


  6. Nice Work, very similar to my net I made a few months back.

  7. Also I have a Volvo 7900 Net, would you be ablt to do the livery if I send you it?

  8. Good job Keiron, I wasn’t expecting this to be up so soon!

    Keep up the good work,

  9. Since I Am Subscribed To This Blog I Recieve An Email Whenever A New Post Is Made. I Got One Earlier With The Airport Centro Net But When I Clicked On The Link To Comment On It, It Said Error 404 File Not Found. I Was Also Emailed Scarlet Band E200 But It Just Said xfdg On The Post In My Inbox, Again The Link Had The Same Error Meassage. Are You Experiencing Problems Then? Or Have Both Posts Been Deleted?

  10. To YR Paperbus,

    Very nice, glad you like it.


  11. To YR Paperbus,

    There is no need for a Volvo 7900 net as of yet although I make my own nets anyway.


  12. To Marcus,

    Thanks, I’ve had quite a lot of spare time recently meaning there should be a couple of updates every week like there used to be.


  13. To Dan,

    I have been testing posts, there will be a new system now where a net from the Nets in the News will be uploaded every Monday and a request net uploaded every Thursday. They are not there now but I suppose you had a teaser for what’s coming tomorrow.


  14. That Is A Great Idea! I Have Then Worked Out That If Nothing Stops You From Doing One Request Every Week Then The Southern Vectis Would Be Done Whilst I’m On The Isle Of Wight! Of Course Real Life Comes First But You Get What I’m Saying Don’t You? It Doesn’t Bother Me How Long Nets Take To Make As Yours Are Great Anyway!

  15. To Dan,

    Well put it this way, a net will always be uploaded every Monday and Thursday at 9am whether its a newsworthy or request net. All I must say is that you’re in for a surprise for tomorrows upload! 😉


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